Two Big Changes At Halftime We Want You To Know About

Two Big Changes At Halftime We Want You To Know About

More than fifteen years into Halftime—and with rich and varied input from people like you—we are pleased to announce; 1) a name improvement and 2) a new program.

Change No. 1, to improve clarity, is our name.  To the question “What is Halftime… a book? A movement? An organization?” the answer now is: Halftime (the organization) is now the Halftime Institute – for advanced learning and personal growth. And our new tagline further clarifies us as The University for Your Second Half to give both clarity and an academic shade while implying business education and advanced learning.

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This name change also gives us the opportunity to refresh our branding and provide a new look and feel.  We are confident this “refresh” will better represent who we are and position us more strategically for continued growth and expansion. Our new website is up and running at

Change No. 2 is also driven by alumni feedback. After more than 15 years, one size no longer fits all. Now the Halftime Institute’s new “Fellows Program” joins our longstanding “Members Program” (same program, new name).

The existing Members Program may already be familiar to you: two days in person with like-minded leaders followed by a full year rich with coaching and peer community. The Fellows Program, structured similar to a post-MBA program, is deeper and more individualized study and coaching, more community in person, greater networking and exposure, ongoing, to leading figures and thinkers.  Our charter cohort of Fellows will launch in January 2015.  For more information on this new offering, click Fellows Program.

We’re grateful to everyone that have brought us to this new chapter and will help write it. We are also pleased to be able to offer you two programs now instead of one, all under the umbrella of the Halftime Institute.

I am personally more energized than ever before at what lies ahead and excited about the opportunity to continue Bob Buford’s legacy much further into the future.


Dean Niewolny, CEO