The Art of Halftime: What is Scribing?

The Art of Halftime: What is Scribing?

By Michael Lagocki

Scribing is the art of capturing a live conversation into hand drawn images. When people talk, I listen and draw portraits of the ideas that are spoken. This technique is used at each Halftime Institute Launch Event to make our conversations richer and more engaging.

At its best, scribing is both a science and an artform. A quality scribe can capture the essence of a conversation in a clear and entertaining way, without missing key points. After the gatherings are over, photographs of the scribing become great tools for reviewing what was discussed.

The most common question I’m asked when I scribe has to do with timing. “How do you do it all at once – draw the last thing you heard, while listening to the next topic, and figuring out what to draw to go with it?” I get asked this question in some form or another at almost every Halftime event.

scribing closeupI have a few answers that I rattle off, but here’s the real truth… I don’t know. Scribing is something that just happens when I try it. The first time I did it, it worked and provided value. Years and years later it still does. I consider it a gift from my Creator.

Halftime Institute facilitators and coaches spend a lot of time talking about our unique gifts. Each of us has been blessed by God with an individual makeup of talents, strengths, and spiritual gifts that were placed in us before our birth.

Ephesisans 2:10 states “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Finding and cultivating those gifts is more like archaeology than it is construction. They are already inside you, waiting to be released. You don’t have to create them, they have been created.

whiteboardOf course the best part of being a scribe for the Halftime Institute is that I get to learn from each person’s unique story. Time and time again, I’ve been inspired by the teachings from Bob Buford, the guidance of our coaches, and from both the triumphs and struggles of our participants themselves.

It’s a unique honor to get to draw these life stories, to hear honest and important truths and get to illuminate them creatively. There have been many times I have been deeply touched, inspired, or even cried as I’ve drawn on the boards while a participant spoke honestly about the brightest and darkest moments of their journey.

There is no work more important than helping someone discover who they are and their unique calling from God.  Thanks to each of you who have come through a Halftime Institute program and allowed me into your lives like that, even if we only met for a brief conversation.  For that, I am thankful.

At the Halftime Institute Launch Event, we take instructional design seriously so each participant can gain the most insight possible and be prepared to take action.  This has created a great learning environment in which life transformation can begin. For more information about the programs we offer to move you from success to significance, please Contact Us or call us at 855-2ND-HALF.