The Art of Halftime: Taking the Show on the Road

The Art of Halftime: Taking the Show on the Road

By Michael Lagocki, Halftime Artist

As this is being written, I’m in an airport waiting to board shortly after our team delivered the first ever Halftime Institute Launch Event “on the road”. It was held in Kansas City, and 11 new Halftimers began their year-long journey with us.

Up until now, our team has had the privilege of conducting all our launch events in our home facility in Dallas, Texas. It’s a great space and we’re very comfortable working there, but the demand for Halftime Institute programs has grown and there’s now a need to facilitate events all over the country.

Teamwork is what makes the launch events possible. Our process and tools are great, but we are not about doing the same thing every time. It’s about individuals and their unique callings from the Lord. Every single participant is different and therefore every single launch event is unique. It takes great care, listening, and a heart for individuals.

I’ve never seen a launch event fail. They’re always a success. That’s only possible because we really believe in what we do. Coaches get to work with Halftimers for a full year, but facilitation crews only get to walk with them for two days. But man, is it a pleasure. I really get to know the participants as I hear their dreams and translate them to the artwork that gets produced. I’m honored to do so.

Our team can’t do this alone, and neither can the participants. That is why the Halftime Institute is set up so that your journey happens with others over time. From the launch events to the community calls with your cohort to the highly personal relationship Halftimers build with their coach, we believe in the power of walking with others. It’s core to what we do. Putting the right things first is critical.

This painting was created for Sherry, a Halftimer who was with us in Kansas. During one of the group’s conversations, she provided a great metaphor of the difficulty of fitting several large rocks and countless pebbles into a jar. “You have to place the large stones first, and then the pebbles will fill the space around it. It’s the only way to fit everything in. Putting the big things in first is critical.”

michaels painting was a delightfulFor Sherry, the big things that have to be placed first are the Lord, her passionate pursuit of hope and freedom for those who are imprisoned, and her love of creativity. As soon as she brought up that metaphor, I knew it would be the basis of the painting we would give her.

“Michael’s painting was a delightful gift. What a poignant and sweet wrap up for the session!  He totally got what was important to me, and I believe to God for my life, and that was a blessing.  It has a prominent spot in my home office to remind me of what’s truly important as I prioritize how to spend my time, talent and treasures. Thanks Michael for the gift!”
~Sherry Rodgers
For the Halftime Institute facilitation crew, I believe it’s our team, our love of individuals, and our openness to being guided by the Holy Spirit that are our big things. Those are the rocks that have to be placed first. If that’s done right, all the other pebbles will fill the space around them.

If you are interested in talking with someone about Halftime Institute programs, please contact Rhonda Kehlbeck at or call her at 972-841-7952.

This article was written by Michael Lagocki, edited by the Halftime Institute team.