The Art of Halftime: Speaking a Thousand Words

The Art of Halftime: Speaking a Thousand Words


The season of life called “halftime” is a personal experience. Everyone’s journey is different, just as we believe everyone is crafted uniquely by our Creator.  When we work with our Halftime Institute participants, no two are treated the same, and no one is driven toward any kind of “pre-determined” solution. We want to get to know and serve YOU and the plan that God has blessed before you.

One place this can be demonstrated is the paintings that are given as gifts to each participant at the conclusion of our Launch Event. In the many years we’ve done these, I estimate I’ve painted around 1,000 individual images for participants. Each one was different. No two alike.

If I’ve done my job well, they represent something unique about the person, their heart, or their dream.

For this post, I thought I’d share a few of the recent paintings, and let them stand on their own, without too much explanation. Some messages are very clear; others take a moment of thought to touch on the soul of them. But each is unique, and if you look closely, you might just learn something about the person they were created for.



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