The Art of Halftime: Love

The Art of Halftime: Love

Each of these paintings were created at a recent Halftime Institute for Couples Launch Event. The Couples Launch Events inspire me because you get to see spouses dream and plan together. It adds another dimension to the whole experience, and from an artistic standpoint, it gives me so much to work with. Love endures.
couples 2b As gifts for each couple, I tried to create paintings that worked as sets. Each piece has meaning while it stands alone, but has deeper meaning when placed directly next to the painting created for the spouse.

These paintings are filled with different themes that emerged from our time dreaming together:

The gentleness and harmony of a love like the holy spirit,
The desire to heal the world through our unique gifts,
The passion to free people, to see them rise toward heaven and succeed,
And the power of education, with a recognition of the love and the pain that formed us.


couples 3couples 5


If you look close ly, you might even find a few hidden messages in the paintings too (like the word “FREE”, which can only be seen when the paintings of the doves are placed side by side).

couples FREE

To experience the Art of Halftime first hand with your spouse, attend one of our programs for couplesCONTACT US for more information.