Building a Thriving Family In Your Second Half – Part 1

Building a Thriving Family In Your Second Half – Part 1

Halftime is a personal journey from success to significance. It’s a deep learning at midlife that “it’s not about me.” As well, it can be about more than just Mom and Dad’s second half. It can be a turning point in a family’s legacy.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Halftime Journey is taking our family with us on this exploration and adventure. Linda and I want our kids and grandkids to not only be successful in what they pursue but to live deep, rich, rewarding, self-sacrificing lives. Ironically this is the one thing we can’t buy for them. We can buy them a great education and diverse experiences, but this we have to model for them.

This exercise is designed to help you think through some important elements of leading your family in your second half.

The idea of building a thriving family in our second half suggests at least three things:

  • I need to have a proactive leadership role to play in the family even if our kids have moved away.
  • There’s a difference between leading my family in the first half compared to the second.
  • There is a difference between a healthy family and a thriving family.


1. In one or two words describe the role you envision in leading your family in the second half?

2. What will need to change in how you lead your family in the second half compared to the first half?

3. What do you feel are the differences between a healthy and a thriving family?


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