The Art of Halftime: Of the Heart

The Art of Halftime: Of the Heart

By: Michael Lagocki

We enjoyed having Claudia Cantrell attend a recent Halftime Launch Event in Dallas, and her story inspired the painting above.

Claudia was only 22 when she lost her father. She shared the story of being there in the moments when his heart failed him. Since then, her professional life has been dedicated to medicine. Over a successful career, Claudia has assisted and taught many physicians, including those who repair and perform transplants on hearts.

Claudia is at a different stage of her life now, and her dream has shifted. She sees herself teaching, speaking, and motivating others.  Plus laughter and play are becoming more and more important to her.

For Claudia’s painting, I chose to depict the elements she’s now seeking as listed on an anatomical painting of a heart. I imagine it’s reminiscent of many drawings that Claudia has studied, or taught from in the past. Except now, all the parts of the heart are hers. They will, hopefully, remind her of what she’s dedicated to pursuing and creating at this precious time.



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