A Coach’s Point Of View: Get Ready to Take Back Time – Part 1

A Coach’s Point Of View: Get Ready to Take Back Time – Part 1

By Carolyn Castleberry, Halftime Coach

Ecc. 3.1Do you feel short on time? Does even taking time out of your day to read an article about it seem too much?  Don’t despair! This small investment of time can pay big dividends Through my years as a Business Journalist and Halftime Coach, I’ve learned some easy and practical tips to give you more time to invest in the things you really care about.



1. Meet with God First

This may seem cliché for a Christian to say but it works, I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients. In my books on managing money, I’ve always stressed the importance of meeting first with my CEO – God. Just as He will multiply your money, He’ll also multiply time when you put him at the top of your priority list.

Action Tips:

  • Take a moment to write down what is keeping you from committing this time to God and what you can do to overcome that.
  • Schedule one appointment with God his week, then two next week, and so on. Commit to these as you would any appointment and see where it leads you.


2. Write Your Mission Statement

As a Halftime Coach, one of the first things we help our clients do in the Members program is create their own personal Mission statement. Having a mission statement to guide you is one of the most powerful tools to successfully navigate life. Your mission statement can guide everything you do. If it doesn’t align, reconsider it’s value.

Ask yourself these three questions to help you create your own mission statement:

  • What is it that I love to do?
  • What brings me the most joy?
  • What do I absolutely know I have to do before leaving this earth?


If you are looking to add more time into your day but don’t know how to do it, a Halftime Coach may be just what you need. Try a free hour of coaching to see if we are a fit for you by scheduling a call with Rhonda Kehlbeck.

Carolyn Castleberry