The Art of Halftime: 5 Symbols

The Art of Halftime: 5 Symbols

By: Michael Lagocki, Halftime Artist

Each painting our Halftimers receive at their Launch Event, is a gift, hand crafted – an artifact of their time with us and the beginning of their personal journey.

Many of these paintings are built around a phrase, prayer or quote that came up during the session. In Fred Baerenz’s case, symbols are what came to mind.

There were five distinct ideas that caught my ear when Fred attended the June 2016 Fellows Launch Event, and each translated nicely to a simple, clear symbol.

Starting in the upper left…

  • The globe represents travel. Fred has a strong sense that his Halftime journey is going to take him to different parts of the world, and he looks forward to it.
  • 2016_6.22_fredBThe music note represents a return to a musical passion that, like many Halftimers’ passions, had to be put on the back burner while a successful career called.
  • The sword and shield are there for defense. Fred knew there were spiritual battles coming his way. When that is obviously on the horizon, it’s best to armor up.
  • The book srepresent two books which Fred has intended to write for years, and has even started on. Again, most successful people who reach Halftime have a litany of projects like these that got left behind to pursue careers. Through prayer and exploration, we can discover which of these projects we’re meant to return to and complete.
  • And finally, the dove and heart in the middle represent the strong foundation of love for God and His Holy Spirit. The guiding Presence that leads us where we’re meant to be.


My hope is that these five symbols can serve as a reminder to Fred of the things that were important to his mind and heart as he began this journey.

There are many, many paths a successful person can take when they decide it’s time to pursue significance over success. Artifacts, maps, and symbols can act as signposts and remind us of what is key as we head into the unknown.