Get Ready to Take Back Your Time! Part 4


In part 3 of our series, we explored how we can invest time most wisely in our relationships. This final section will explore the value of making time for money.

Time for Money Matters

Though money steals our years in terms of worry, frustration, and lost opportunity – managing it often ranks lowest on our priority list. However, through my experience as a Halftime coach, I have found that the larger question for many Halftimers is how they can invest the much more valuable currency of time. Becoming a good steward of your resources will literally help you buy time so you don’t have to invest your years in a job you hate.  Money is one of the hot topics of the Bible, with more than two thousand verses referencing to finances or possessions. Money should be placed in the right perspective and priority— under God. Let me break it down into three spiritual principles of money:

It’s our responsibility: God is watching what we do with what we’ve been entrusted with, and he hopes we’ll multiply our resources— whatever they are. He wants interest on his investment, especially the time he’s given each of us on earth. It’s our job to be good stewards of money. And money is time.

Money is Not the Goal: God promises us a life of riches, just not necessarily financial riches. God calls us to a life of sacrifice along with blessing. Money is an area of life, just like any other, that the Lord will help us with if we ask him. God never intended us to be slaves to finances or jobs we hate. He intended us to use money for good purposes.

time is moneyThe Test of Giving: When we give to God first, he always gives back. In the measure we give, we also receive. In fact, giving is the only area in the Bible where God actually tells us to test him (Malachi 3:10). If you want to start getting out of debt, give first to God. If you want to build a business, give first to God. If you want enough income to carry you through your retirement years, give first to God. Pay God first, and just watch what he does in your life. You simply cannot out give him.

Test him in this. Give first to God and just see how he blesses your life— spiritually, emotionally, and yes, financially.

Action Tips:

Ask yourself:

1. What one step can I take today to become a good steward of my resources?

2. How can I invest my time and money into something that matters to God and me?

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