Our New Offices Are Designed with You in Mind

Our New Offices Are Designed with You in Mind

It’s official! Our Halftime Institute offices have moved to a brand new location in Irving (Las Colinas area) just a few miles from where we were in Dallas. Designed specifically with you in mind, we believe this new space will allow us to better serve Halftimes, old and new.

With new vibrant colors, redesigned collaboration space, and state of the art technology, we’re excited for our future Halftimers to be a part of the incredible journey to discovering what God has called them to in their Second Half.

For those of you in the DFW area, we can’t wait for you to see our new place so stop by any time. And be looking for an invitation for our Open House in early December.

Dean Niewolny
Dean Niewolny spent 23 years in executive roles with three of Wall Street’s largest financial firms, finishing his career in the financial sector as market manager for Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago, where he oversaw a $100mm market. While in Chicago, he and his wife, Lisa, traveled many times to Africa and, seeing the abject needs of widows and orphans, made life changes that enabled them to get involved, such as helping to complete an orphan home and a Hospice home in Durbin, South Africa.

In 2010, Dean traded his marketplace career for Halftime to help more people who, like him, wanted to expand their own “first half” success and skills into passion and purpose for meeting human needs and making a significant difference. Dean joined Halftime as Managing Director and in 2011 became Chief Executive Officer.

Dean speaks all over the world to marketplace leaders who desire to use their gifts and talents to serve others. His passion is to encourage business leaders to channel first-half achievement into a second half defined by joy, impact and balance. His first book, Trade Up: How to Move From Making Money to Making A Difference, was published by Baker Publishing and released in July 2017. Click here to buy Trade Up.

Having grown up playing sports—eventually in college and semi-professional baseball—Dean still enjoys coaching youth sports, especially his son’s little league teams. He and Lisa have two children and live in Southlake, Texas.