What comes to mind when you think of building a next season of meaning, impact, and joy –

    • Selling your company?
    • Quitting your job?
    • Joining a non-profit?

For some it may include these steps, but for many it means infusing your success with significance.

But how do you do that in a way that is sustainable without feeling torn between two worlds?

During the webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper are joined by Halftime Alum, Michael Spraggins to discuss lessons gleaned over the past 13 years of running his business alongside his amazing medical ministry in Africa.

CLICK HERE to watch or listen to the recording of our conversation.

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During our time together, Michael and Lloyd share strategies for winning at both business and mission.

4 Keys to Building a Parallel Career 

1. Pray – practice dependence by seeking God’s guidance and trusting Him to direct your steps.

2. Prioritize giving – pursue generosity and get to know the organizations and individuals that you are impacting.

3. Look for what’s anomalous – pay attention to what makes you uniquely come alive and ask if that passion could be of God.

4. Risk or rust – be active and take the next right step in faith.

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Michael Spraggins is a business executive, entrepreneur, and global health innovator with more than 25 years of experience in leadership, business development, relationship management, supply chain management, and manufacturing. As CEO of Spraggins Incorporated, Michael has grown his building supply company from its origin as a small family business in Orlando, Florida to a substantial enterprise with regional presence.

In 2009, Michael turned his entrepreneurial focus towards improving healthcare for the world’s most poor and hungry. Leveraging his business, commercial franchising, and entrepreneurial experience, he founded LifeNet International, an innovative healthcare nonprofit operating in East Africa. Since 2009, Michael has built this organization into a thought leader in health systems – building in low-income environments. Today, LifeNet services over  250 health facilities in seven countries, transforming the quality care received by  6 million patients per year.

Michael began his career at Arthur Andersen and received a Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University.

Michael and his family are based in Orlando, Florida.

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