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By Lloyd Reeb, author of Introducing to Halftime Group eCurriculum I got a call recently from someone I have been coaching through Halftime, and he asked, “Lloyd I notice that you use routines and habits a lot in your life. What would you say have been the five most leveraged or influential habits in your life?” I had never given that much thought. When I look honestly at accomplishments in my first half I notice that they were supported largely by a few healthy habits around focus and work. Now

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  "I lost my heart." Those were the words Pat Ahern shared with me on a dreary February morning at a local Starbucks. After serving for 20 years as CEO of Red Rocks Credit Union and receiving numerous professional awards, recognition and influential political appointments, Pat had somehow, unknowingly, buried his heart along the way. As a self-admitted "go through the motions Christian," Pat was offered - out of the blue - a senior role with a global Christian nonprofit organization. The offer served to highlight one glaring

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