This is My Halftime Story: Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams knows more than his fair share about loss. When his son Timmy died right before his 12th birthday after a long illness, he came to understand the distinctive nature of a parent’s grief.  What would normally be milestones—graduations, grandchildren, and all dreams of the future—become, instead, memorial stones, reminders of what should have been. Can such loss ever be redeemed? Gareth believes that it can, thanks to a son who believed in dreaming big, and the help of the Halftime Institute. When Timmy was given an opportunity

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By Bob Buford I have worked hard to be apolitical for years and intend to stay that way.  Who knows how the 2016 presidential election will turn out-we are down to 14 candidates (per www.gop.com) on one side and two on the other.  I had a 2005 interaction with one of the candidates and met another just last week.  Here is the recounting of the conversation and a little about an encounter I had last week. This is not an endorsement – just interesting conversations. In 2005 I was on

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Business, Faith and the Second Half – Part 2

CLICK HERE to read Part 1 God Lives with the Poor When I began searching for what God wanted of me, I received some unsettling counsel from a Rwandan bishop: “Our country needs jobs and a vibrant economy or our best and brightest will leave. You’re a businessman. You’ve spent your whole life buying, financing, building and selling businesses. Why don’t you spend the rest of your life building businesses in Rwanda?” Having never been to Africa, I was intimidated by the challenge but curious about what kind of business

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This Is My Halftime Story: Lee DeRemer

Why would a man with a PhD in leadership and a 30-year history of teaching leaders and mentoring others, seek the help of the Halftime Institute? Lee DeRemer is that man, and his story offers much insight into the vital role Halftime can play in the life of anyone who needs guidance on the journey from “success to significance.” Lee retired from the US Air Force in 2010, and almost immediately faced a fork in the road of his life. “I had a false start...I accepted a comfortable position

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Business, Faith and the Second Half – Part 1

By Dale Dawson If private enterprise, rather than charity, is the sustainable solution to poverty in Africa, then how do Americans help? One innovative idea taking root in Rwanda is to draw faith-motivated U.S. businesspeople to the country to lend their talent and invest their resources to promote entrepreneurship and private sector growth. This essay journals the transformation of one boomer-age American entrepreneur as he reignites his passion, redefines success in business into a divine calling and encourages the next generation to fuse a social mission into their careers.

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This Is My Halftime Story: Joe Sweeney

Joe Sweeney epitomizes the expression, “that guy could write a book.”  Even a quick look at his bio provides more than ample underpinnings. “I’ve been blessed to be able to combine a love of business with a passion for sports,” Joe says of his 32 years of starting and leading ventures in investment banking and sports management, including representing professional athletes like Brett Favre. But unlike most about whom the book-writing wish is usually only casually or jokingly tendered, Joe has done it – in fact, twice now –

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This is My Halftime Story: Lisa Huntsberry

From Baylor graduate to CPA, to Chief Financial Officer...to what? This is the question facing Halftimer Lisa Huntsberry, former CFO of Interstate Batteries. Lisa remains uncertain about her next step. But what she knows- and who she knows- gives her great peace and joy while she takes an intentional pause. Born into a Christian family in Ft. Worth, TX, Lisa came to know the Lord personally at an early age. As she grew to adulthood, went to college and began her career, she repeatedly saw the Lord’s faithfulness. “I have

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Bob Buford’s Values Project – Part 1   BOB:  Talk about stages, Dale. I tell people how my second-half career, or calling, segued from doing to directing, and you see your role in work for Rwanda in transition. DALE: Bob, over my 12 years in nonprofit, the principles and values that most informed me were about the fruit of my work being on other people’s trees. But these days my job is “to release and direct energy.” Those two principles guide the transformation as I find myself more in


This is My Halftime Story: Scott Boyer

A New Prescription for a Better Life After almost 30 years working for Big Pharma, Scott Boyer is transitioning into his second half career by building a unique business model in the pharmaceutical industry. His experience at Abbott Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb and inVentiv Health has given him the tools to launch a new venture to improve the lives of epilepsy patients around the world. “I didn’t think about working with missions,” Scott says. “I thought about the millions of under-resourced patients who could be easily treated by low cost

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Bob Buford’s Values Project – Part 1

To my thinking, The New Philanthropy springs directly from a set of 10 values that came to me, informally, through my mentor Peter Drucker. I mean to say this wisdom came not in business conferences or management lectures but over dinners and in elevators and, as they translated into Texan (and into an even 10 points) they shot deep roots into my life and work. I'd like to make sure you have them, too, and that you understand how they operate. Ultimately, my hope is that you would articulate

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