This is My Halftime Story: Scott Boyer

A New Prescription for a Better Life After almost 30 years working for Big Pharma, Scott Boyer is transitioning into his second half career by building a unique business model in the pharmaceutical industry. His experience at Abbott Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb and inVentiv Health has given him the tools to launch a new venture to improve the lives of epilepsy patients around the world. “I didn’t think about working with missions,” Scott says. “I thought about the millions of under-resourced patients who could be easily treated by low cost

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Bob Buford’s Values Project – Part 1

To my thinking, The New Philanthropy springs directly from a set of 10 values that came to me, informally, through my mentor Peter Drucker. I mean to say this wisdom came not in business conferences or management lectures but over dinners and in elevators and, as they translated into Texan (and into an even 10 points) they shot deep roots into my life and work. I'd like to make sure you have them, too, and that you understand how they operate. Ultimately, my hope is that you would articulate

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This is My Halftime Story: Dawn Atwood

By Keith Butterfield  “…You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart…” Jeremiah 29:11-14 For Dawn Atwood, seeking has never been a challenge.  “I’ve always been a seeker,” she says.  But finding God was entirely another matter – in fact, it was a nearly 20-year process. The sales director for Jay Franco and Sons, a licensee of Disney products, looks back and marvels at the multitude of times she now knows – but didn’t at the time – that He was fully present

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This is My Halftime Story: Paul Roney

By Keith Butterfield A succinctly crafted headline for Paul Roney’s life might be:  “Remarkable, Rewarding and Not Surprising.”  Paul himself probably would put it humbly that way. But -- as headlines usually do – it fails to tell the story completely, because Paul’s life more than “lives up” to those descriptors.  Consider: He has gone from being a college student very undecided about his life path in the late 1970’s – including whether to marry or to pursue a single life of service to the Catholic Church – to

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Dave Brown: Making His Practice His Ministry

Dave Brown’s Story: Making His Practice His Ministry His dad climbed Mt. Everest, won his age group for the LA Marathon at the age of 87, and was a founder of Muscle Beach in Southern California. Dave Brown is no stranger to challenges or lofty goals. After graduating from law school, Dave founded the law firm of Brown & Streza, LLP in Irvine, California in 1975 and today serves nearly 4,000 clients as a Martindale-Hubbell AV® Preeminent™ Rated attorney, the highest rating possible. However, Dave’s professional accomplishments are shadowed

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This is My Halftime Story: Stephen Buckley

Stephen Buckley was an award-winning journalist whose success earned him high-profile roles in the US and abroad at prestigious organizations like the  Washington Post and the Poynter Institute. Knowing God had something else for him but not knowing what it might be, he and his wife Cathleen enrolled at the Halftime Institute and participated together in the year-long journey.   See how the Halftime process and a connection with  Halftime Talent Solutions paved the way for the Buckley's to find their next chapter impacting the lives of vulnerable children and engaging in a role

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Our New Fellows Program Kicks Off in January 2015

As many of you know, we are introducing a new program this January called the Fellows Program. This new program is primarily based on Halftimer feedback over the years.  We know that even within the small-but-influential population of high-capacity marketplace leaders, we can't be all things to all people. One size no longer fits all.  So to our current offering, the Members Program, we now have added our Fellows Program. The Fellows Program is akin to post-graduate study, more involved and by referral.  Deeper and highly personal, it combines

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This Is My Halftime Story: Greg Barnes

Greg Barnes was a leading executive recruiter whose halftime moved him to found and head Halftime Talent Solutions (HTTS) and offer top-level management recruiting and talent placement to the faith-based, non-profit community. Before launching HTTS, Greg simultaneously was vice president of US Search Operations and managing director of Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice for Futurestep, a subsidiary of Korn/Ferry International.  He oversaw senior-level placement of high-demand candidates across the business spectrum and around the globe. CLICK HERE to hear Greg's story.

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A Coach’s Point of View: One Purpose

By Mathilda Fourie As Halftime coaches, we help people figure out what is next and how can they live purposefully in the second half of their lives.  As we walk alongside them in this journey, we help them discover vision, examine their past through guided reflection, explore possible serving opportunities that fit their unique design, skillset and passion so that they can have enduring impact and leave a legacy which will live on long after they have moved on.  We touch on things of the heart and things of

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A couple of years ago, Tom Kessler would be the first to say he’d been thoroughly blessed: fantastic marriage of nearly 30 years to Julie, three children embarking on full and happy adult lives, and a successful business career. His career had included early runs in marketing and sales leadership in the corporate world and then in more recent times, the pinnacles and challenges -- the “startups and startdowns,” Tom calls them, laughing – of launching and running his own businesses. His latest venture, in fact -- as a

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