Time For Your Loved Ones

A Coaches Point of View: Get Ready to Take Back Time! - Part 3 By Carolyn Castleberry, Halftime Coach With regard to time, the Bible consistently helps us focus on the two things that matter most— our relationship with God and our relationships with people.  In our first two parts, we discussed ways to manage our time for better focus and to strengthen our relationship with God. These next few parts will help us learn how to invest in our relationships with others, our work and our finances so

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There’s No Perfect Plan or Perfect Moment

By: John Sikkema, Director of Global Partners All too often, as I connect with business men and women around Australia, I hear myself often saying, "There's no perfect plan or perfect moment, so don't wait for it!" In my book, 'Enriched:Re-defining Wealth', I highlight seven principles that challenge people's road blocks to pursuing an enriched life.  Principle #6 is exactly this, waiting for a perfect plan or moment is no longer an option. People often ask me when they should jump into a second-half career or a career that

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How Serious Am I?

       By Claudia Cantrell After returning to Atlanta from the Halftime Institute Launch Event with my cohort in October 2015, I was so energized! I am sure that we, the alumni, share these memories of recalling past adventures, successes, failures, and losses.  In addition, we had a great and fun time meeting and getting to know our cohort group and the coaches.  We all left with a draft of our own personal mission statements, goals, and a determination to “tackle the world” and make a difference in

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This Is My Halftime Story: Katherine Huske

By Jennifer Callaway Katherine Huske knows that trusting in God can bring order out of chaos. He has done it in her life and calls her to do it in the lives of others. Katherine became a Christian at the relatively late age of 40. Living in Maui, with what would seem to others the perfect life—a beautiful husband and son, money, a great job and a nice home—her life was far from perfect. In fact, she had made the decision to walk away from it all when a

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Halftime Nation – “The Company of the Committed”

By: Greg Barnes, Director of Alumni Engagement Now 40+ years ago, as a Baylor Freshman, I encountered a book by Elton Trueblood (The Company of the Committed, Harper & Row 1961) that rocked my world then and resonates still today as a guide for the missional aspirations of our Halftime Nation.  Trueblood, a noted 20th-century American Quaker and accomplished author and theologian, was a former chaplain both to Harvard and Stanford Universities. ”Millions are only back-pew Christians”, Dr. Trueblood declared. “What is needed is a task force of committed

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Tim Dammon Joins The Halftime Institute Team

We’re excited to announce that Tim Dammon has joined the Halftime Institute team as our Chief Philanthropy Officer. “Tim brings an injection of talent and experience to our team that will elevate us to a whole new level” ~ Dean Niewolny, President and CEO From managing $5-700mm as the Global GM for Iomega Corporation to Chief Relationship Officer at The Seed Company to his most recent position as President/CEO of Angel Flight South Central, Tim’s experience in the profit and nonprofit world will bring great value to our team. Read

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Fit To Serve: The Power of Our Thoughts

By: Michelle Spadafora, Founder of FaithfulWorkouts The Halftime Institute surveys their clients about their satisfaction level in various dimensions of their life; ranging from their career, marriage, faith, and so on. “Health” consistently shows up as an area that people are not satisfied with. Why is it that even though we desire good health, we can’t seem to attain it? In my experience, one main factor that holds us back from improving our health are thought habits and patterns. Throughout my 30 years in the health and fitness industry,

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A Coach’s Point Of View: Get Ready to Take Back Time – Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about two simple yet effective tips to take back time in our lives. First and foremost we need to meet with God. With His help, we  can then create our own Mission Statement. This week we will continue to find ways to create more margin in our lives so we can experience more joy, impact and balance.   The 5th Commandment Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is

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A Coach’s Point Of View: Get Ready to Take Back Time – Part 1

By Carolyn Castleberry, Halftime Coach Do you feel short on time? Does even taking time out of your day to read an article about it seem too much?  Don’t despair! This small investment of time can pay big dividends Through my years as a Business Journalist and Halftime Coach, I’ve learned some easy and practical tips to give you more time to invest in the things you really care about. _ _ 1. Meet with God First This may seem cliché for a Christian to say but it works,

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       By Dean Niewolny, President and CEO of the Halftime Institute David was an unlikely champion, sent by his father to the battlefield to not necessarily fight Goliath, but to take provisions to his brothers and their captains and report back. A father would not typically send his teenage son into a campaign such as this, much less to fight the champion of the Philistine army one-on-one. Prior to this, David was chosen by God and anointed by Samuel to become king of Israel. Can you imagine David leaving

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