This is My Halftime Story: Scott Boyer

A New Prescription for a Better Life After almost 30 years working for Big Pharma, Scott Boyer is transitioning into his second half career by building a unique business model in the pharmaceutical industry. His experience at Abbott Labs, Bristol-Myers Squibb and inVentiv Health has given him the tools to launch a new venture to improve the lives of epilepsy patients around the world. “I didn’t think about working with missions,” Scott says. “I thought about the millions of under-resourced patients who could be easily treated by low cost

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Bob Buford’s Values Project – Part 1

To my thinking, The New Philanthropy springs directly from a set of 10 values that came to me, informally, through my mentor Peter Drucker. I mean to say this wisdom came not in business conferences or management lectures but over dinners and in elevators and, as they translated into Texan (and into an even 10 points) they shot deep roots into my life and work. I'd like to make sure you have them, too, and that you understand how they operate. Ultimately, my hope is that you would articulate

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Building a Thriving Family In Your Second Half – Part 1

Halftime is a personal journey from success to significance. It's a deep learning at midlife that "it's not about me." As well, it can be about more than just Mom and Dad's second half. It can be a turning point in a family's legacy. One of the most rewarding aspects of the Halftime Journey is taking our family with us on this exploration and adventure. Linda and I want our kids and grandkids to not only be successful in what they pursue but to live deep, rich, rewarding, self-sacrificing

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This is My Halftime Story: Dawn Atwood

By Keith Butterfield  “…You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart…” Jeremiah 29:11-14 For Dawn Atwood, seeking has never been a challenge.  “I’ve always been a seeker,” she says.  But finding God was entirely another matter – in fact, it was a nearly 20-year process. The sales director for Jay Franco and Sons, a licensee of Disney products, looks back and marvels at the multitude of times she now knows – but didn’t at the time – that He was fully present

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A Coach’s Point of View:  Discovering the Heart Journey of Halftime

By Steve Ivaska “So what is God showing you?”  Those were the words my Halftime Coach asked shortly into our scheduled call.  Two months earlier I had attended a Halftime Institute Launch Event, gotten clarity around a personal mission statement to guide me, and formulated a game plan for moving forward in my “journey from success to significance.”  Strategy and planning always seemed to come easy.  The seemingly intuitive thought process served me well in my business career.  Where are we today, where do we want to be, and

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The Art of Halftime: Love

Each of these paintings were created at a recent Halftime Institute for Couples Launch Event. The Couples Launch Events inspire me because you get to see spouses dream and plan together. It adds another dimension to the whole experience, and from an artistic standpoint, it gives me so much to work with. Love endures. As gifts for each couple, I tried to create paintings that worked as sets. Each piece has meaning while it stands alone, but has deeper meaning when placed directly next to the painting created for

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Fit To Serve: An Encouraging Word

By Michelle Spadafora You may recall, just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the Top 10 Healthy Changes for 2015.  Based on the comments I received, I know many of you started making those changes and are doing your best to embrace a healthier lifestyle.   Kudos to you!  I get excited every single time I hear about these new commitments.  However, I also know, just a few weeks into your commitment to better health, that you may be facing the reality that this is hard work.  And you

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Help! I Can’t Find My Passion – Part 3

By Lloyd Reeb Passion is the fuel that drives us, an essential ingredient to a second half of meaning and impact. In this blog series, we’ve been exploring what to do when you can’t seem to find a compelling passion. It’s a common problem. Some of us may have turned our ‘dreamer’ off decades ago, and need to find the freedom to dream again.  For others, our passion is hidden in plain view – we simply need those around us to help us see it. In my case I had

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Help! I CAN’T FIND my PASSION – Part 2

By Lloyd Reeb A few years ago we began to explore one of the most frustrating challenges that Halftimers face –   “I can’t find something I am really passionate about.” There are four common causes for this frustration. With these frustrations we have a few steps to help you move past them. If you see yourself in one of these scenarios I encourage you take us up on our “hour of free coaching” offer to talk with a Halftime coach to leverage their expertise in moving you deeper into

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This is My Halftime Story: Paul Roney

By Keith Butterfield A succinctly crafted headline for Paul Roney’s life might be:  “Remarkable, Rewarding and Not Surprising.”  Paul himself probably would put it humbly that way. But -- as headlines usually do – it fails to tell the story completely, because Paul’s life more than “lives up” to those descriptors.  Consider: He has gone from being a college student very undecided about his life path in the late 1970’s – including whether to marry or to pursue a single life of service to the Catholic Church – to

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