Fit To Serve: Living In Ruins

By Michelle Spadafora As I sat down to read my Bible the other day, I asked God to reveal something new to me - Wow, did He do that. I was drawn to the book of Haggai. I thought. “This seems like a somewhat random book, but let’s see what YOU have for me God”.  I have a study Bible and it lists a “key verse” for the book you are about to read. My eyes were immediately drawn to this, “Why are you living in luxurious houses while

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And Just Like That…

By Chris Sharber (Halftime Institute Alumnus 2010) Whenever I have dared to contemplate it, I have found it difficult to understand the reality that God exists outside of the bounds of time. Strapped as I am to the relentless “arrow of time” that marches inexorably from left to right, past to future, I can’t begin to wrap my brain around the concept that God is not limited to that one-way flow. He sees everything - from the beginning, now, and to the end - all in the same instant.

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This is My Halftime Story: Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams knows more than his fair share about loss. When his son Timmy died right before his 12th birthday after a long illness, he came to understand the distinctive nature of a parent’s grief.  What would normally be milestones—graduations, grandchildren, and all dreams of the future—become, instead, memorial stones, reminders of what should have been. Can such loss ever be redeemed? Gareth believes that it can, thanks to a son who believed in dreaming big, and the help of the Halftime Institute. When Timmy was given an opportunity

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By Bob Buford I have worked hard to be apolitical for years and intend to stay that way.  Who knows how the 2016 presidential election will turn out-we are down to 14 candidates (per on one side and two on the other.  I had a 2005 interaction with one of the candidates and met another just last week.  Here is the recounting of the conversation and a little about an encounter I had last week. This is not an endorsement – just interesting conversations. In 2005 I was on

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Business, Faith and the Second Half – Part 2

CLICK HERE to read Part 1 God Lives with the Poor When I began searching for what God wanted of me, I received some unsettling counsel from a Rwandan bishop: “Our country needs jobs and a vibrant economy or our best and brightest will leave. You’re a businessman. You’ve spent your whole life buying, financing, building and selling businesses. Why don’t you spend the rest of your life building businesses in Rwanda?” Having never been to Africa, I was intimidated by the challenge but curious about what kind of business

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This Is My Halftime Story: Lee DeRemer

By: Jennifer Callaway Why would a man with a PhD in leadership and a 30-year history of teaching leaders and mentoring others, seek the help of the Halftime Institute? Lee DeRemer is that man, and his story offers much insight into the vital role Halftime can play in the life of anyone who needs guidance on the journey from “success to significance.” Lee retired from the US Air Force in 2010, and almost immediately faced a fork in the road of his life. “I had a false start...I accepted

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The Art of Halftime: Of the Heart

By: Michael Lagocki We enjoyed having Claudia Cantrell attend a recent Halftime Launch Event in Dallas, and her story inspired the painting above. Claudia was only 22 when she lost her father. She shared the story of being there in the moments when his heart failed him. Since then, her professional life has been dedicated to medicine. Over a successful career, Claudia has assisted and taught many physicians, including those who repair and perform transplants on hearts. Claudia is at a different stage of her life now, and her

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Business, Faith and the Second Half – Part 1

By Dale Dawson If private enterprise, rather than charity, is the sustainable solution to poverty in Africa, then how do Americans help? One innovative idea taking root in Rwanda is to draw faith-motivated U.S. businesspeople to the country to lend their talent and invest their resources to promote entrepreneurship and private sector growth. This essay journals the transformation of one boomer-age American entrepreneur as he reignites his passion, redefines success in business into a divine calling and encourages the next generation to fuse a social mission into their careers.

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Tell Bob “Congrats” on the 20th Anniversary Edition of Halftime

Congrats to our founder and beloved friend, Bob Buford!  As of October 6, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Halftime is officially released and available for purchase. Zondervan’s willingness to reprint this in hardback demonstrates their belief that this is a timeless classic and still a very relevant work for men and women entering this unique season of life all over the world. We know most of you reading this email have been touched by Bob and his book Halftime.  To celebrate this significant milestone, we’d like to ask you

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Fit to Serve: Is Food Your God?

By Michelle Spadafora The second half of life can be such an exciting time. Many of us have more freedom, time and finances to focus on the things that really matter. Some have discovered our Ephesians 2:10 Calling (the good works God prepared in advance for us to do) and we are doing work that brings meaning and excitement to our everyday lives. For others, we are able to focus on the relationships that matter most to us—kids, spouse, grandkids, friends.  We want to finish well and we know

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