This is My Halftime Story: Paul Roney

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By Keith Butterfield A succinctly crafted headline for Paul Roney’s life might be:  “Remarkable, Rewarding and Not Surprising.”  Paul himself probably would put it humbly that way. But -- as headlines usually do – it

With Thanks and Great Expectations

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In 1984, Bob and Linda Buford made a huge commitment to support the Halftime Institute and Leadership Network for 30 years. They have faithfully completed that commitment this year. In anticipation of his substantial financial

This Is My Halftime Story: Greg Barnes

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Greg Barnes was a leading executive recruiter whose halftime moved him to found and head Halftime Talent Solutions (HTTS) and offer top-level management recruiting and talent placement to the faith-based, non-profit community. Before launching HTTS,

Remember to Stroll

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By Jeff Spadafora   An ordinary Tuesday. Launched with the Word. Skimming really. Mechanical. A little shallow today. Hmm. Time to move on. Things to do. Hustle and muscle. Create and collaborate. Despite the Christian labels