The Art of Halftime

The Art of Halftime: 5 Symbols

By: Michael Lagocki, Halftime Artist Each painting our Halftimers receive at their Launch Event, is a gift, hand crafted - an artifact of their time with us and the beginning of their personal journey. Many of these paintings are built around a phrase, prayer or quote that came up during the session. In Fred Baerenz's case, symbols are what came to mind. There were five distinct ideas that caught my ear when Fred attended the June 2016 Fellows Launch Event, and each translated nicely to a simple, clear symbol.

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The Art Of Halftime: Dr. Carl Couch

       Dr. Carl Couch, of the Baylor Healthcare System, recently enrolled in our Winter 2016 Fellows Program, which starts with a 2-day Launch Event. This was very special for us because Dr. Couch was actually a member of the very first Launch Event we ever did nearly ten years ago. To have him back was a reminder of where this work started and how far it has evolved. Having successfully completed the Halftime program before, Dr. Couch was able to provide some mentoring for both the other

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The Art of Halftime: Of the Heart

By: Michael Lagocki We enjoyed having Claudia Cantrell attend a recent Halftime Launch Event in Dallas, and her story inspired the painting above. Claudia was only 22 when she lost her father. She shared the story of being there in the moments when his heart failed him. Since then, her professional life has been dedicated to medicine. Over a successful career, Claudia has assisted and taught many physicians, including those who repair and perform transplants on hearts. Claudia is at a different stage of her life now, and her

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The Art of Halftime: Love

Each of these paintings were created at a recent Halftime Institute for Couples Launch Event. The Couples Launch Events inspire me because you get to see spouses dream and plan together. It adds another dimension to the whole experience, and from an artistic standpoint, it gives me so much to work with. Love endures. As gifts for each couple, I tried to create paintings that worked as sets. Each piece has meaning while it stands alone, but has deeper meaning when placed directly next to the painting created for

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The Art of Halftime: Speaking a Thousand Words

  The season of life called “halftime” is a personal experience. Everyone's journey is different, just as we believe everyone is crafted uniquely by our Creator.  When we work with our Halftime Institute participants, no two are treated the same, and no one is driven toward any kind of "pre-determined" solution. We want to get to know and serve YOU and the plan that God has blessed before you. One place this can be demonstrated is the paintings that are given as gifts to each participant at the conclusion

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The Art of Halftime: Taking the Show on the Road

By Michael Lagocki, Halftime Artist As this is being written, I'm in an airport waiting to board shortly after our team delivered the first ever Halftime Institute Launch Event “on the road”. It was held in Kansas City, and 11 new Halftimers began their year-long journey with us. Up until now, our team has had the privilege of conducting all our launch events in our home facility in Dallas, Texas. It's a great space and we're very comfortable working there, but the demand for Halftime Institute programs has grown

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The Art of Halftime: What is Scribing?

By Michael Lagocki Scribing is the art of capturing a live conversation into hand drawn images. When people talk, I listen and draw portraits of the ideas that are spoken. This technique is used at each Halftime Institute Launch Event to make our conversations richer and more engaging. At its best, scribing is both a science and an artform. A quality scribe can capture the essence of a conversation in a clear and entertaining way, without missing key points. After the gatherings are over, photographs of the scribing become great tools for reviewing

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