BOOK LAUNCH – Trade Up, by Dean Niewolny

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Wherever you are in your career—starting, midway . . . wrapping it up—if it’s not what you thought, you’ll want to read this story. As you follow Dean’s journey, he opens your path too. Glean the tools to find clarity and to live life to the full. Here are clear steps packed in twenty years worth of stories and hard-won wisdom.

Dean refused to stick it out – even though it meant making a giant leap. He traded up. Eventually he landed at the helm of the Halftime Institute, where marketplace people go to find their best selves. Then he wrote the book on how to pass up success with something far better. With significance.

Wherever you are now, you can know what you are most wired to do. And you can get there.

“The majority of us, however we define success, come to a time when having it for its own sake pales next to the real trophies of true direction: our effects on other lives, a chance to make a difference. And it’s never too late, or too early, to get it.” — Dean Niewolny

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Endorsements for Trade Up:

Ken and Margie Blanchard

bestselling authors, speakers, and leadership experts

We are big fans of Halftime. We have been to the institute and have participated in the follow-up coaching. It has helped us tremendously in our personal and professional ‘refinement’ process. Trade Up can help you move from a life of getting to one of giving.

Bob Buford

author of Halftime: From Success to Significance, founder of the Halftime Institute and co-founder of Leadership Network

“Dean is a natural leader—the next generation of Halftime.”

Bill Hybels

founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church

“Few things in life satisfy me more than watching high-functioning women and men use their market skills and experiences to move the purposes of God forward in this world. And very few books clarify the route from here to there. Trade Up delivers on that objective. I highly recommend it.”