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Please join Halftime Institute Founding Partner, Lloyd Reeb, for the next installment of the newest monthly series of Halftime Institute webinars.

This month’s “Coffee with Lloyd” will include a robust 30-minute discussion For Spouses of Halftimers: A Path to Greater Alignment, Intimacy and Celebration.  Linda Reeb, co-author of Halftime for Couples, will share what she’s been learning from many years co-leading couples’ retreats. In addition, participants may continue with an optional 30-minutes of question and answers.

Many people enter Halftime to explore what’s next for them…only to discover that a healthy midlife renewal has to include the other stakeholders in their life. If you’re married and in Halftime, then your spouse is the primary stakeholder in the journey, but it is often confusing to them.

This webinar is for spouses of people in Halftime. Just share this link – Coffee with Lloyd_For Spouses of Halftimers_Feb 19, 2019 – with your spouse and encourage them to join in.

Your Halftime journey can look a lot like a midlife crisis. It can bring up fears or uncertainty for your spouse. Many spouses wonder why it needs to involve them; ‘after all, isn’t this just about your next thing’? Some spouses have been looking forward to this next season together, and they would like to tap into some of the process, assessments and coaching that you’ve been enjoying. This webinar will help you avoid common mistakes. Your second half could be the very best season together.

The webinar is free and available to all spouses of Halftime alumni and program participants. CLICK HERE for more information and to register to attend.

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