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There is a difference between financial independence and financial freedom. 

If you are wrestling with the question how much is enough?, take a moment and ask yourself, “In a few words, what does money mean to me?” If you are married, ask your spouse to answer this question, too. 

If the word ‘freedom’ surfaced, with accompanying words like ‘lifestyle, security, control, influence, travel, leisure’ … then mark your calendar for this helpful conversation.

In this 30-minute webinar Ron Blue, Founder of Kingdom Advisors, CEO of Ron Blue Institute, and Halftime Alum, will join Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper to discuss five fundamental questions for financial freedom.

This webinar will equip you to sit down with your financial planner, review your answers to these five questions, and ask them to redesign your plan based on your personal decisions. By doing so, you may be surprised to find how straight the path is to financial freedom. 

Michael Card was onto something when he wrote, “You can’t imagine the freedom you find from the things you leave behind.” Together, let’s explore some practical steps to experience financial freedom.

For those who can stay tuned, we will include an additional 30 minutes of interactive Q&A with Ron Blue.



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