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Last month we talked about facilitating family conversations when the news brings disruption and divergent views.

We heard from leading news expert and Halftime Alum, Tomas Brunegård, that the news can either divide our family or become an anvil on which our faith and values are forged. 

Next, we will extend the conversation:

How can we leverage our leadership when our loved ones are taking different paths?

Please join us WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17 at 7PM CT for a 30-minute webinar.

Bruce Johnston is the founder of JH Ranch in Northern California, which has provided parent/child reconciliation camps and resources for more than 30,000 families over 40+ years.

Many Halftime Alumni have taken their teenage kids on an Adventure just when they were beginning to pull away. As a result, HT couples have a deep love and commitment to JH Ranch as a place of reconciliation.

In this brief webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper will open a discussion with friend of Halftime, Bruce Johnston, on best practices for navigating conversations with loved ones when our faith and values differ. 

For those who can stay on, there will be an interactive Q&A for an additional 20-30 minutes. 


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