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Find Your ‘One Thing’ to Have the Best Year of Your Life

Jan 25, 2018, 3:05am EST

It’s January of 2018, and most of us, by our own admission, are not getting to do what we do best every day.

In spite of a veritable cornucopia of assessment tools that are readily available, a majority of us have not found our calling in this life. We are just doing work every day that makes us a paycheck, but we’re not jumping out of bed each day with confidence that we are in our sweet spot, energized to do what we were made to do.

I know: It sounds kind of spiritual when you say that work can be a calling. But just spend some time with anyone who has found the thing they were made to do and you’ll immediately notice a difference.

For them, their work is a calling. In fact, it’s not work at all. That doesn’t mean it’s not difficult sometimes. It just means it’s worth all the trouble.

The truth is, I believe work is spiritual. It does something for our souls to complete a task successfully and with excellence. And, the opposite is true. It hurts us to just glide by every day, doing things as best we can but never getting to feel that rush of doing something that wows us and the people around us.

Enjoying the journey

When we are doing our calling, time flies. We learn the ropes and the details so much more easily than when we are just doing something. There’s joy in getting to do it, a feeling that we are privileged to be there at all. We feel lucky. We like going to work.

The outcomes are important every day, but the journey is as well. We don’t moan about how good it would be for the day to end, and we don’t thank God only for Friday. We also thank God that it’s Monday, or Tuesday. Those days are as good as Fridays when we are in the zone and working at a high level using all of our skills and talents…READ MORE