Why Retire When You Can Change the World?

Apr 6, 2018, 2:10pm EST

If ever there was a life event that sends mixed signals, it’s retirement.

For some, retirement is bliss, filled with travel and marking things off of the bucket list. For others, though, it’s an abyss, and it’s ominous. Many high achievers actually fear retirement. The idea of leaving their successful roles and diving into the unknown is too much to bear.

Bob Buford saw this phenomenon coming more than two decades ago. Bob’s mother was the first female TV station owner in the country, and when she tragically died in a hotel fire, Buford was thrust into the lead role at the station. He felt like he needed some guidance and so he reached out to the renowned management consultant and educator Peter Drucker, and asked him to be his consultant. Drucker agreed, and over the years he became Buford’s mentor and good friend…READ MORE