Dean Niewolny on “Let’s Talk” with Mark Elfstrand

Dean Niewolny on “Let’s Talk” with Mark Elfstrand

Dean Niewolny interviewed on July 13, 2017 on “Let’s Talk” with Mark Elfstrand (Episode 182809541) AM1160 Chicago on new book Trade Up: How to Go From Just Making Money to Making a Difference from Baker Publishing Group.

In the middle of Chicago rush-hour, Mark Elfstrand catches up with Dean Niewolny, CEO of the Halftime Institute. Dean is helping people who want to move in a different direction – from just making money to making a difference.

Mark interviews Dean on his background, his book, and the meat of the message.

Highlights of the interview:

  • What does David and Goliath have to do with living with purpose?
  • What was Dean’s cause early in life?
  • What alternative is there to just going through the motions in life? How do we get on a track towards purpose, significance, and living out our calling?
  • What is God’s sweet spot for me?

“Many of us are type-A personalities where every minute is accounted for, and we have technological devices all around us. I always say ‘No Margin, No Mission.’ So we have to re-wire ourselves to have more time margin so that we can live into greater purpose. We can’t make an impact without making time.” Niewolny says.

Listen to the interview here:

Trade Up releases Tuesday, June 18th from Baker Publishing Group. For more information on the book, visit