Check out the new 3rd Act podcast hosted by friend of Halftime, Roger Steed.

Roger is a Covid-19 survivor who realized after four weeks of love and support from family and friends that now is the time to give back and pay it forward to individuals less fortunate that are still reeling from the virus, the economic shutdown, and just bad luck from lack of financial support and assistance. 

The mission of 3rd Act is to shine a spotlight on individuals, charities, and small business owners that are suffering from illness, economic shutdown, or lack of support and funding.

You won’t want to miss this episode featuring Halftime Alum John Waldo who shares the heartwarming and inspiring legacy of mutual friend and fellow Halftimer, Clark Millspaugh. 

Learn how this group reconnected through Halftime Institute and Bob Buford, maximizing their strengths to make an impact in the community.

As the story of these three friends illustrates, at Halftime we are a global fellowship of friends committed to leveraging our influence for God’s purposes. Contact us for more info about our programs and to learn how you can become part of the Halftime Network.