For the past 43 years, the global microfinance ministry Opportunity International has been pursuing its vision of a world in which all people have the means to raise themselves up from poverty into a life of dignity and purpose. This faith based nonprofit is committed to serving the poor by improving their quality of life through microfinancial services such as startup loans and saving accounts. Opportunity has programs in 10 different countries throughout Africa, including its partnership with our previous client, Urwego Opportunity Bank (see our successful CEO search).

Opportunity is working with Halftime Talent Solutions to find an experienced and inspired individual to serve as its new Head of Client Outreach and Impact, Africa Region. This Head will be the senior leader of the sales, marketing, and product development branches of Opportunity International. This includes the management of all aspects of client training, social performance metrics, outreach and product development. The Head of Client Outreach and Impact will report directly to the Head of Strategic Program Implementation.

An ideal candidate will have extensive marketing and/or sales experience in Africa. 10 years of experience in the senior level of the financial services industry is required. This individual will believe strongly in the importance of development as the best tool to help the poor. Opportunity is looking for a leader capable of coaching and developing a diverse and dispersed team. This requires a degree of flexibility and willingness to travel throughout Africa. This is a fantastic opportunity to follow the teachings of Christ and serve the poor. If you think you know somone who fits the bill, please share this chance to serve with them.