Sharing strategies for maximizing business-owner exits.

Entrepreneurs and family business owners at some point face the critical decision of whether, when and how to exit their business. A strategic approach is needed to ensure that the process runs smoothly and brings the maximum return on investment. This means carefully preparing to sell, understanding your key business drivers, and properly marketing your company to strategic buyers.

The 2016 Innovation Symposium, Strategies for Maximizing Your Exit, was held at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA on August 23-24. The Symposium was a two-day, immersive experience, which provided dedicated time and space for attendees to craft a perfect exit strategy with the guidance of world-class authors, speakers and experts, such as Halftime Institute’s Primary Spokesperson, Lloyd Reeb.

This unique Symposium was designed to equip participants with a solid understanding of how to effectively plan a business sale and maximize the value of their business in a global marketplace. Throughout the vent, attendees were provided many opportunities to network with like-minded private business owners.

The Symposium was an exclusive invitation-only event. Owners or controlling shareholders of mid-market private businesses, across all industry sectors and international regions, were invited to apply to be selected as a participant.