The Navigators is a Christian ministry with neither national nor denominational borders. The Navigators is committed to the ripple effect that comes from helping new believers individually. By praying and studying Christ’s word one-on-one and in small groups, the hardworking staff of the Navigators can offer encouragement and advice to strengthen the core of new believers’ faith.

Mark Kimmel is a man of the law. He studied the law of the United States when he earned his JD at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law, and more importantly, the law of the Lord in seminary at the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. This knowledge of words is balanced with a knowledge of numbers from his previous experience as a tax accountant. From 2001 up to this last year, Mark worked for the Fortune 500 Harsco Corporation. Starting as Senior Counsel, Mark worked his way up to Chief Administration Officer and shortly thereafter Senior Vice President. This ability to climb the ranks is not limited to the marketplace. In 1993 he began to participate more actively in his church as Church Secretary. Five years later he was a Board Member, helping make the administrative decisions to keep the church running smoothly. After another five years he was elevated to the position of Church Elder. Here is a man whose ambition is second only to his faith.

As the Senior Vice President (SVP), Finance and Administration, Mark will essentially combine the roles of the previous CFO Andy Weeks and COO Cary Humphries. Mark will report directly to The Navigators U.S. President Doug Nuenke. He will also serve as a key member of the National Leadership Team (NLT), an administrative body of The Navigators which sets direction, evaluates progress, devlopes resources, and brings spiritual leadership to promote the culture of The Navigators acorss the U.S. In addition to general administration, one of Mark’s key responsibilities will be managing cross functional collaboration. This boils down to ensuring the various field operations have an ongoing and productive dialogue with the NLT at headquarters. This will guarantee field operations have the necessary materials and understanding to maximize The Navigator’s impact.

The Halftime Talent Solutions team is proud to have aided The Navigators by closing this search. We hope and pray that Mark and the executive staff of The Navigators will sharpen each other into a razor’s edge capable of cutting through divisive demographics and social pressure to ensure Christ’s message is spread to people of all classes and professions. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17