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How Businesswomen can Make the Second Half of Life Meaningful

Feb 24, 2016, 7:10am EST

It’s a new day. More and more women are becoming leaders and building great companies. It’s a great time for women entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, no doubt.

But then the siren song of “what’s next” sounds. And now it’s time to answer the big question most often associated with it: “I’ve been successful, and I’ve accumulated a lot and built a great network and platform for myself. Now what?”

For many, this moment can be a real crisis. These women have already done significant things in their lives. They’ve educated themselves, built families, had children, raised them, built companies, and so on. They are doers, and now they want to continue doing significant things in the next phase of their lives and careers.

The good news: For those women who want to keep moving, and even do something more significant with their experience and the momentum they have built, there are opportunities and places to do just that.

If you’re wondering what’s next, take heart. There are organizations and communities around the world who need you and all that you bring to the table. They may not be able to give you stock options and a fat bank account, but they can give you a place to complete the game and finish with a kick.

So, how does you figure out what’s next? Here are four guidelines for answering this question…READ MORE