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The Impact of Finishing Well: Leaving a Legacy

Dec 2, 2016, 7:30am EST

Finishing well is hard to do. We’re new at it.

Twenty years from now, the rules for how we conclude our careers and live out our final years may be better known. But, for now, we’re out across the frontier breaking new ground.

My second half has been an exhilarating adventure for me. Just think about it. I was mentored by the great Peter Drucker, and we became friends. How unlikely is that? And, how blessed was I to have that experience? I can tell you: Beyond words. Peter showed me that wisdom that isn’t shared isn’t wisdom at all, and so even with all of the demands on his time, he always made time for me.

I have tried to follow that example, and help others in my circle and beyond think differently about their unique gifts and talents and how best to use them; how to, perhaps tire out, rather than rust out.

From the beginning, I set out to find out what the pathfinders were doing to “crack the code”…READ MORE.