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Why Long-Term Metrics are Important in Figuring Out Your Second Half

May 18, 2017, 3:10am EST

Recently, bestselling author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith and Halftime Institute spokesperson Lloyd Reeb sat down for a conversation about the season of halftime and why moving from success to significance is so important.

Marshall Goldsmith: I wrote a book called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, and my next question is related to that. What keeps people from stepping away and figuring out a different way forward?

Lloyd Reeb: One of the limiting factors that keeps people sort of stuck in the season of halftime is they don’t have a clear set of long-term metrics. When I talk to young MBAs or new partners at an accounting firm and ask them, “Would you ever help a client build a strategy that didn’t have long-term metrics?”

You know the answer. They give you all the many reasons why you would never do that.

Then I ask them to tell me about the long-term metrics in their personal life. You know what? They don’t have them. They want the next big house, the next client, the next practice. It seems true for seasoned executives, as well. They have some goals for this year, maybe some five-year goals, but not long-term metrics.

So one of the things we do at the Halftime Institute is to help people figure out long-term metrics for success in their personal life. We start by asking them, “What if your life turned out perfectly, what would the elements be?” READ MORE