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The Need for a Heroic Second Half

Feb 27, 2017, 3:05am EST
“How will I be remembered?” is a question at the heart of many of the folks who have come through my door at the Halftime Institute. Over the years, the team and I have counseled countless people who are in halftime. One even asked, heartfelt and poetically, “Will I die with the music still left inside?”

Our job is to help them answer those questions. At least part of the answer lies in a simple, but profound truth: If the first half of your career is about conquest, the second half is about heroism (or despair for the lack of it).

Think about it. In the first half, you were driven by the need to provide, to achieve. You had a family to provide for, a career to establish, a mountain to climb. Now that you’ve gotten to the top — or as close to it as you ever will — the conquest isn’t as important as it once was. Your motives have changed, along with life’s circumstances. As your children mature and approach adulthood themselves, you begin to wonder, what will my legacy be to them? How will I be remembered?…READ MORE