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How to Overcome Hurdles in Your Halftime Journey

May 9, 2017, 3:10am EST

Recently bestselling author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmithand Halftime spokesperson Lloyd Reeb sat down for a fascinating conversation about the season of halftime and why moving from success to significance is so important to us as individuals and the world at large.

Marshall Goldsmith: So, what are the big hurdles of halftime?

Lloyd: So, if you put yourself in someone’s shoes who is in halftime, they’ve been somewhat successful, they’re in midlife, they realize that with longevity they’ve got 30 bonus years and they are wondering, “What would give my life more meaning and purpose?” There’s a burst of enthusiasm, and maybe they hear a story of someone else who has figured it out and they think, “Hey, I could do that!”

Marshall, you and I are sitting in Frances Hesselbein’s office to do this interview. I look around this room and I am inspired by what she has done. But, being inspired is one thing and following through to a successful second half is another.

The three biggest obstacles we find with people who come to the Halftime Institute are:

1. A lack of clarity

People often don’t know themselves very well, they don’t know the landscape out there about where to make a contribution, or how to navigate their way into the social sector, or how to use their business in a way that has more human impact.

So we offer people teaching, coaching, and connecting. We teach people how to examine the components of their life to gain clarity. Coaching gives them accountability and perspective, encouragement and permission. Connecting gets them exposed to opportunities and resources so they can start testing their way into clarity…READ MORE