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Dean Niewolny,

Topic: Trade Up: How to Go from Making Money to Making a Difference

Summary: Humans are prewired for life with purpose, meaning big finances alone can still fall short personally. Dean Niewolny calls that feeling smoldering discontent. From a pinnacle job in Chicago’s financial district, his quest for purpose landed him as the first CEO of Halftime: helping fellow marketplace leaders know and live in their callings. And the question now is, what about yours? (Spoiler: It’s not a one-way ticket to a developing country.)


Topic: How do I make my life count before it ends?

Summary: Many people reach a point in mid-life where the pursuit of success is no longer enough. Just growing their net worth loses its appeal and they are longing for more meaning, joy, balance, and significance in their second half. The bottom line is we want our lives to count for something, something that will live on long after we are gone – we want to move beyond success to significance to surrender. The Apostle Paul encourages us in Ephesians 4:1 when he says, I want you to get out there and walk, better yet RUN, on the road God called you to travel. Now, here’s the irony. We’re the healthiest, wealthiest, and best-educated generation to ever reach our fifties, and when we look back we remember that we’re the generation that wanted to change the world, but many of us just aren’t quite sure what to do about it. We’ve reached midlife with a deep yearning to make a difference in the world but we’re just not quite sure how to go about it.


Topic: Is There Not a Cause?: The Question Every Leader Must Answer

Summary: David and Goliath’s story echoes into our times because a young man armed mostly with purpose took down a giant. Just before that, when his brother asked him why he wasn’t home watching the sheep, David asked, “Is there not a cause?” And his question rings into every life since. Where is your giant? What lies beyond your daily dollars? Is there not a cause?


Topic: Do I have to feel guilty if I want to be successful and significant?

Summary: Jesus mentions many things in the Bible about what breaks his heart. Jesus mentions sickness, poverty, justice, lack of mercy, hunger, thirst, prisoners – the list goes on. Where do you fit into this equation? Ephesians 2:10 says, for you are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works that he prepared beforehand. You do have a cause, there is a purpose for you, you need to identify it and then engage in it._


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Lloyd Reeb,

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Topic: Your Best Second Half: Introduction to Halftime

Summary: An inspiring blend of ideas, simple drawings and best practices help successful baby boomers pause at mid-life to take stock, look ahead and dream of a second half of meaning, joy and greater intimacy with those they love. Real stories make it come alive and enable the audience to begin to envision what would make their second half even more exciting than the first.

Vision of Halftime video clip


TopicTop 5 Observations of Leaders who Finish Well

Summary: Ask anyone you know who is approaching mid-life and they will tell you that they want to live their second half of life well. If you probe a little deeper and ask them if they feel confident in a plan to make that a reality, you may find much less certainty. With 20+ years of experience and more than 11,000 hours of certified coaching high-capacity individuals through successful transitions, Lloyd Reeb shares five key things he’s learned about finishing well. Do money and talent really determine our potential for second half success? How do I factor in the well-being of my spouse and family? Lloyd examines these questions and more in Top 5 Observations of Leaders who Finish Well.


Topic: Success to Significance: When The Pursuit of Success Isn’t Enoughs2s

Summary: When all you’ve done or own seems to matter less and your heart craves more meaning and joy … in this interactive session Lloyd maps out with simple drawings, best practices and powerful stories how to move from a successful first half of life to a significant second half. This talk is based on Lloyd’s popular book “From Success to Significance”

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Topic: Building a Thriving Family in Your Second HalfLloyd and Linda

Summary: Most successful couples want their family to thrive in their second half but few have a specific plan to see that happen. Often they feel when the last one graduates from college that the kids are ‘off the pay role’. Lloyd helps successful men and women reflect on the six elements in building a thriving family in their second half.

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Topic: Halftime for Couples – Pursuing Significance Together

Summary: Based on his book Halftime for Couples, his talk challenges couples to reflect on what they really want their second half to look like together, what each others dreams are and the challenges they face. The will leave with a clear sense of how to go from writing two separate stories in their first halt to writing a common narrative in their second half.

Topic: Finding Real Significance (Church Weekend Sermon or Men’s Retreat)

Lloyd Luke video

Topic: Halftime for Entrepreneurs: A proven process to planning your second half with those you love. 

Summary: Many successful business owners reach a point in mid-life and wonder if they should sell their company and move on to what God has next for them. Without clarity about their calling or mission they are torn between the platform the company provides them and the distraction of day to day operations. Is your company the perfect platform to build a second half of meaning, joy and impact?

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Jeff Spadafora,

TopicThe Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose, and Balance

Summary: Jeff speaks around the world on the content from his book The Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose, and Balance.  After a decade of coaching men and women through the Halftime journey, he has witnessed a surprisingly large number of Christians who are discontent with their lives and their faith. Not that there is anything catastrophically wrong, but the joy, peace and fulfilment that they read so much about in scripture is not — when they are honest with themselves — something they are experiencing in their lives. Sadly they think it’s their problem alone — that they aren’t spiritual enough or obedient enough or blessed  enough — and that everyone else around them has figured it out. Through Spadafora’s coaching, studying and writing on this issue, he brings hope and inspiration with a simple and intuitive model for helping people make adjustments in their lives that will lead to greater joy.


TopicFrom Smoldering Discontent to Lasting Joy on Your Business Platform

Summary: Jeff shares relatable, practical wisdom to help you reimagine how your business platform can meet your emotional, spiritual, financial and kingdom-building goals based on years of both personal experiences and the experiences of the high-capacity men and women he has coached through the Halftime Institute.


TopicConfirming Your Calling in Your Business – In Parallel to it or Instead of it?

Summary: Have you ever found yourself at the juncture of “marketplace” or “ministry?” It’s easy to feel like the two are mutually exclusive and many successful businessmen and women find themselves struggling between these two desires at some point in their careers. Jeff shares practical tips for breaking out of this “Marketplace or Ministry” binary thinking trap, providing listeners with a roadmap and process for creatively designing the life you and God both crave.

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Rhonda Kehlbeck,

Topic: Ruined for The Ordinary: How To Pray Boldly For Outrageous Results

Have you ever thought, “I pray but my prayers just don’t seem to make a difference” or “I pray pretty regularly, but I’ve never seen the power it talks about in the Bible?”When the Bible talks about prayer it uses words such as powerful, bold and effective.  So how can you pray boldly for your family, friends, and your circumstances?Join Rhonda as she leads the audience through her personal experience of changing her prayers from timid and lukewarm into bold and powerful.  Hear her share 4 simple principles she has learned as she has experienced outrageously miraculous answers to prayer.

Topic:  Someday is NOT a day of the week:  How to Have a Life of Significance Now
Summary: Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. So we do we think that those good works, that life of significance has to wait until some day in the future? Why do we delay that life of passion, balance and impact until the kids leave home, we retire, or we have more time?
Using her own story of how she discovered her Ephesians 2:10 calling, Rhonda weaves in the story of an illiterate school janitor who taught her what loving God and living a life of significance really looks and feels like
Topic:  Trusting God When He Doesn’t Make Sense

Summary: We all wish that God made sense all the time, every time.  But we also know that His ways aren’t our ways and His thoughts are often very different from our own.  So how do we completely trust God when life is tough and we can’t see what He’s doing or feel His presence?

Read Rhonda’s Biz Journals article co-written with Bob Buford 

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Paul McGinnis,

Title:  The Passionate Pursuit of Purpose

Summary:  We all desire to have purpose in our lives and when it’s all said and done, we hope that our lives will count for something.  But finding something meaningful to sink ourselves into isn’t easy.  Many times it leads to frustration and discontent.  So how do people move forward as it relates to purpose and fulfillment in their lives?  What would it look like to live a life of joy, impact and balance? Paul walks the audience through his story of spiritual struggle and blind obedience.  Hear him share key principles he learned and applied during his journey in order to find a clear purpose for his life.


Title:  Living a Legacy: Finishing Well with No Regrets

Summary: Many people reach mid-life and begin thinking about significance – not just success.  They want to not only leave a legacy, but live a legacy. Many of these thoughts are triggered by life events – tragedy, loss of relationship(s), major career event, etc. – but no matter what it is, it creates reflection, confusion, excitement, angst, and a whole host of other emotions. In the Halftime Institute’s work with successful leaders over the last twenty years, we’ve discovered common themes to those who embrace this season of life and “finish well.” This 45-minute presentation is a mixture of teaching, storytelling, video, individual exercises and group discussion.  It will challenge the audience to think beyond themselves to the possible impact their second half of life could have.


Title:  The Problem with Busyness: Affecting Our Most Important Responsibility 

Summary: Busyness is very dangerous.  It destroys our joy, derails our ability to hear from God and cripples our capacity to love and be generous to others. Yet it is culturally acceptable and even touted among our friends. By recognizing the power of busyness and understanding its impact on every aspect of our lives, we can create a plan to unclutter our lives and take care of what is most important in our lives.


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Bob Karcher,

Topic: Who are the Joneses Anyway?: Stop Living Someone Else’s Life and Start Becoming Who You were Meant to Be

Summary: Most of us have looked across the proverbial fence line and thought the grass was greener on the other side. When we do, we experience the power of social comparison. Life is meant to be about much more than comparing ourselves to one another and collecting titles, possessions, fame, and power. “The one that dies with the most toys wins” isn’t a way of life worth chasing. Keeping up with society’s expectations can easily sidetrack us and our families away from our most important goals. What if there was another way and we could start living our lives the way we are meant to? As the bestselling author of Who Are the Joneses Anyway? Bob shares how to do so while living more simply and, yet more fully.


Topic: Think Differently – Live Differently! Truly Living the Life You were Created For

Summary: It’s always scary to step out in faith and do what you know God is calling you to do. But it can make the difference between really living and simply existing. In our hyper-active culture we often push ourselves to be successful and achieve what we think we are supposed to. Life can become a real pressure cooker. But will our families remember the eighty-hour work weeks, the big house, the fancy car, and the unlimited cell phone data? Or will they remember we weren’t around very much? We can live the lives we were created for and in doing so, discover greater clarity, joy, impact, and balance than we ever thought possible. Bob discusses how, through thinking differently and living differently, we can all discover and lead the purpose-filled lives we were created for.


Topic: When Enough Becomes Too Much

Summary: Money is a good thing if used correctly. We need money to conduct commerce, provide for ourselves, and more. But can too much money be a bad thing or even bring about our own destruction? Having money is not the issue; focusing too much on it is. We can easily pass unhealthy views about money on to our children. How else would they learn about money other than from what they see their parents doing? We think we’re providing a great life and we’ll work long hours and make painful sacrifices to do so, thinking it’s for the best. But, if we’re not careful, we might inadvertently pass down a legacy that money is more important than almost anything else. Listen to Bob discuss this important topic and help you answer “how much is enough?”



Bob Karcher is an award-winning author, speaker, and experienced business leader. Bob’s most recent book, Who Are the Joneses Anyway? is an bestseller and is helping thousands of people lead authentic, intentional lives with more passion and purpose.

Bob is dedicated helping others get from where they are to where they need to be. If you know that you, or your organization, could be living and performing with greater passion and purpose, you need to connect with Bob. He can help you discover how to live and lead more intentionally and more authentically with outstanding results.

As a professional Halftime Coach, Bob works with individuals and couples on all sorts of life transitions. As a Motivational Speaker, Bob delivers rich content that leaves your attendees determined to move forward in their lives. Bob’s personal story telling, and hands-on approach delivers the fresh keynote address you have been seeking for your event or gathering.

Bob spent a large part of his career in the publishing and advertising industries. He served as a Chief Operating Officer in the Tribune Company, which at the time owned the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Hoy Publications, and multiple other properties operating in the print, broadcast, and digital media sectors. Following his publishing career, he spent several years in the nonprofit sector, serving in a variety of executive-level staff and board member roles.

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