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What is the Members Program?

In a one-of-a-kind package, our Members Program assembles faith and leading-edge instruction, personal executive coaching, introductions to both ministry and marketplace leaders in your areas of interest, and a rare opportunity to pursue life-changing decisions alongside your peers.


Who is a Candidate?

Leaders and influencers, C-level executives–successful marketplace professionals ready to explore significance (and surrender) in a group of like-minded achievers.


Members Program Features


1.  Peer collaboration. As a student in our Member Program, you join a small group of marketplace leaders pursuing God’s call on your next chapters.  In stimulating give and take–personally, in community, and with your Halftime coach–you move into productive self-discovery and, as needed, new means to make life-changing decisions.

2.  A “Head” and “Heart” Approach.  Halftime creates the time, space and guidance to grasp for yourself how God has uniquely made and shaped you to love Him and serve others.  Drawing on Halftime concepts, key influencers, and decades of study and best practices, Halftime Members design a personal plan for spiritual growth, a life mission statement and a clear action plan.

3.  One-on-one executive coaching.  On a new path? Yes, but hardly alone.  For a full year, besides regular team exchanges, you meet regularly with your certified Halftime coach–your seasoned, one-on-one “head and heart” guide.

4.  Halftime Talent Solutions.  As you identify your skills and interests, Halftime Talent Solutions can guide you to the key leaders and organizations serving Jesus’ agenda in the marketplace, in Christian non-profit, in social entrepreneurial projects, or in the local church or a para-church ministry.

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Private Meetings and Special Events

You will also be invited to special Halftime Institute events featuring Jim Collins, Bob Buford, Ken Blanchard and Margie Blanchard and other leading thinkers and practitioners.

Local and Regional Opportunities

Our Members Program Launch Events are held at our Dallas campus and throughout key U.S. cities throughout the year.  (See Events.)  If you are interested in a version of our Members Program called The Halftime Roundtable, please click on the locations below for more information.  Roundtables are a year-long program with a local group of like-minded peers and involves meeting with your cohort monthly face-to-face for greater accountability, networking, and encouragement.  It is a powerful “local twist” on the proven Members Program.

Global Partners

The Carolinas                    Singapore                    Australia                    Hong Kong                    South Africa                    United Kingdom


“The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a second half of life

defined by joy, impact and balance.”~ Bob Buford