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A Coach’s Point of View: One Purpose

By Mathilda Fourie As Halftime coaches, we help people figure out what is next and how can they live purposefully in the second half of their lives.  As we walk alongside them in this journey, we help them discover vision, examine their past through guided reflection, explore possible serving opportunities that fit their unique design, skillset and passion so that they can have enduring impact and leave a legacy which will live on long after they have moved on.  We touch on things of the heart and things of

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Remember to Stroll

By Jeff Spadafora   An ordinary Tuesday. Launched with the Word. Skimming really. Mechanical. A little shallow today. Hmm. Time to move on. Things to do. Hustle and muscle. Create and collaborate. Despite the Christian labels Not much different from my B.C. days Old habits that used to serve well Now taking a toll on my heart Sure the kingdom grows. And people are blessed. Truth is revealed. But my pace and performance power it. Why this march?  Why this effort? Why do I forget trust and lock onto results?

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