Are you ready to move into the second half of your life? Bob Buford believes the second half of your life can be better than the first. Much better. But first, you need time to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. In Halftime, Buford focuses on this important time of transition—the time when, as he says, a person moves beyond the first half of the game of life. It’s halftime, a time of revitalization and for catching a new vision for living the second half, the half where life can be lived at its most rewarding.

Are you feeling adrift as you face transitions in a new season of life? It’s time to start dreaming again… Have you made personal sacrifices to pursue something and now it has changed, gone away, or just doesn’t feel as rewarding anymore? Shayne Moore, a former client of the Halftime Institute, and Carolyn Castleberry Hux, a coach with Halftime, know from experience how difficult it can be to navigate this territory. In Women at Halftime, you’ll find the building blocks for getting unstuck and finding renewed joy and purpose.

Many social entrepreneurs hold a great vision to solve deeply rooted human problems, but they lack the necessary experience, knowledge, funds, or connections to accomplish this—efficiently. In The Social Entrepreneur, Christopher A. Crane and Lloyd Reeb provide veteran wisdom to help entrepreneurs maximize their impact. This book is a practical guide for high-capacity, Christian social entrepreneurs of both for-profit and non-profit entities who wish to scale efficient, compassionate enterprises. Crane and Reeb help you better understand your unique style of entrepreneurship and learn creative ways to grow your organization successfully.

Family-Focused Relationship Resources

This book is a roadmap for creating an intimate adventure together. It’s a time to blend everything together into the adventure of a lifetime: your dreams for travel, hobbies, family, your life’s purpose, leaving a legacy, intimacy with God and with each other, and more! With some guided reflection, this season of life can be packed with fun, growth, and fulfillment – together.

This book provides practical advice to help hard-charging leaders build deeper, more intimate relationships as they reinvent themselves. Intimacy – with your spouse, kids/grandkids, friends and, most importantly, for those coming from a faith perspective, God – is a skill we are seldom taught or compensated for in our careers, however, it’s essential to a rich and meaningful life. Out of intimacy comes trust, understanding, and romance.

Halftime is a personal journey toward finishing well. It’s a deep learning at midlife that ‘it’s not about me.’ It can be about more than just Mom and Dad’s second half. In fact, it can be a turning point in a family’s legacy. One of the most rewarding aspects of the Halftime Journey is taking our family with us on this exploration and adventure. This book is designed to help you think through some important elements of leading your family in this season.

Do you crave work that matters? Dean Niewolny did, too. Wherever you are in your career, if you’re restless for more, you’re in the right place right now. Dean’s journey, and 20 years of Halftime wisdom, can throw light on your journey, too.  In Trade Up, Dean takes you through your “Halftime”—when you pause to consider how to finish the game—to fuller, richer work and life. Wherever you are now, if you need something more, you can get there from here.

Management consultant and Christian life coach Jeff Spadafora provides a blueprint for building a life of greater joy and delivers a plan for frustrated believers to become joyful followers. In The Joy Model, Jeff Spadafora offers a better way, showing readers that joy comes from balancing the practical and spiritual sides of our lives—from the “Doing” and the “Being” of the Christian life.

Bob Buford called them “code breakers.” They are people age 40 and older who have pioneered the art of finishing well in these modern times, and who can teach us to do the same, starting today. Buford sought out 60 of these trailblazers―including Peter Drucker, Roger Staubach, Jim Collins, Ken Blanchard, and Dallas Willard―and has recorded their lively conversations in these pages so that they can serve as “mentors in print” for all of us. Buford gives you a chance to sit at the feet of these pioneers and learn the art of finishing well so you can shift into a far more fulfilling life now, no matter your age, and pursue a lasting significance that will be a legacy for future generations.

The inspiring true story of two giants who would change the world. In the tradition of Tuesdays with Morrie and The Last Lecture, this is the inspiring true story of two men who decided to make a significant difference—and did. As Bob Buford and Peter Drucker discovered, when people share a common and compelling vision, anything can happen.

Are you ready to move into the second half of your life? Bob Buford believes the second half of your life can be better than the first. Features of this newly updated and expanded edition include a foreword by Jim Collins, the bestselling author of Good to Great; new questions for reflection or discussion at the end of each chapter; brand new “halftime” stories of men and women enjoying a second half of significance; specific halftime assignments to guide readers into their second-half mission; an essay by Bob on “The Wisdom of Peter Drucker”; and more.

Real Stories. Real Adventures. Real Significance. This book will motivate, inspire and connect you with people who are living their second half of life with rich meaning and purpose. Their stories come alive through the photos, helping you dream about your second half of life. Through their diversity, you’ll gain clarity about how your unique skills, passions and influence might converge to meet the deepest needs of others – and in so-doing, take you on a journey of impact and adventure.

Success Is Great. But Significance Is Lasting. You’ve achieved a measure of success in the first half of life, and it’s been a thrill. But deep in your heart, you want your second half to count for something far more. You’re not alone; you’re in “Halftime.” Lloyd Reeb knows how it is. He’s wrestled with the same questions—and found answers. In From Success to Significance, he unfolds a blueprint that has helped thousands of men and women redefine success and infuse their lives with eternal significance.

At one time or another, most of us have heard the expression “keeping up with the Joneses.” This legendary family is mentioned in tweets, movies, newscasts, articles, blogs, books, and more. They are mysterious. They seem to be everywhere, but no one appears to have actually met them. Why is that? You have likely heard of them too, but have you met the Joneses? We have, and we would like to introduce them to you. We think you’ll be just as surprised as we were by who they are. Too often we measure success by our accomplishments or the stuff we have accumulated. But life should be about so much more, like discovering who you are, why you are here, and the legacy you create.

“This book is the result of fifteen years of answering questions about halftime,” writes Buford. “I’ve focused on the areas that seem to come up most from those who contact me, and I’ve answered them in much the same way I would answer you if we sat down together over coffee. So in a very real sense, this book allows me to be your companion as you negotiate the ups and downs of the whole halftime experience.” Beyond Halftime invites you to slow down and take time to listen—really listen—to the voice of your heart and the rhythms of your life. The discoveries you’re about to make during this vital phase of your life can’t be rushed. Enjoy this wise guidance on the things that matter most in moving from gaining success to leaving a legacy. Your most rewarding years lie ahead of you.

Stuck in Halftime coaches readers how to get past the barriers that stand in their way to maturity and fulfillment. It outlines eight “myths of halftime” and explains the new set of rules for this second half of life’s journey. Combining practical guidance with personal stories of people who have become “unstuck,” Stuck in Halftime renews the vision and determination of those who heard the “still, small voice of God” calling them to a life of significance.

In Game Plan, Buford gives you a practical way to move from success to significance and create an individual strategy that can get you where you want to be five . . . ten . . . twenty . . . thirty . . . or more years from now. If you sense it’s time for a positive change in your life, Game Plan gives you the tools to uncover your best self, aim for your highest dreams, and make your career and personal life more meaningful and fulfilling than ever.

Unlimited Partnership, a unique two-books-in-one read for marketplace leaders and pastors, is a clear game plan to unite these two groups of people to unleash the kingdom power that such a partnership contains. Experienced businessman Lloyd Reeb tells marketplace leaders how to find active service roles within their church. Veteran pastor Bill Wellons helps colleagues reach church members anxious to be involved with ministry.

In Enriched, Sikkema openly shares his story – from shy Dutch immigrant kid just trying to fit in, to self-made millionaire and CEO of one of the most successful financial planning firms in Australia. Through a series of life-changing events, John discovered that no amount of money, status or success will truly be fulfilling until you find your life purpose. Enriched – Re-defining wealth is much more than a compelling autobiography. It offers a practical blueprint for identifying changes you want to make in your life, and then provides a method for initiating those changes.

The 210 Project is designed to help you answer the two most pressing questions to help you find your place in God’s story: Why am I here? What does God really want me to do with my life? All of us long for the answer to these questions and it can only be found when we connect to the One who made us and when we discover where we fit in His Story. The 210 Project consist of a book to read and a series of powerful online activities that bring clarity and understanding to your life’s purpose.

The Introduction to Halftime curriculum is designed for groups of Christian men and women who are in midlife and who are beginning to explore what God has for them in their second half. This season of life is often referred to as Halftime, and this curriculum is an introduction to the ideas and questions many people encounter at Halftime. You may be highly successful, or you may simply find yourself in a place of transition with some options for how you invest these next years. Download this curriculum for free onto your smartphone, tablet and/or eReader.