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The”Halftime for Couples” ebook is a roadmap for creating an intimate adventure together. It’s a time for blending your dreams for travel, hobbies, grandchildren, your calling, leaving a legacy, and intimacy with God and with each other into the trip of a lifetime. With some guided reflection, this season of life can be packed with fun, growth, and fulfillment.

Halftime is the season to look back and take stock, to look forward and dream, and then to chart a new course together. It’s about moving beyond a focus on success to pursuing significance.





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The Halftime Institute is designed for high-capacity people who have a desire to pursue eternal significance in their second half.

Through the Halftime Institute, you will find the freedom to:

  • Dream about the next season of your life.
  • Clarify your core abilities and passions.
  • Create a workable plan for investing your time and talent in your area of passion.
  • Design the ultimate context for your personal service.
  • Network with peers who will provide accountability and encouragement during your journey.


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                                        ABOUT THE AUTHORS

Lloyd and LindaLinda and Lloyd Reeb have been married over 30 years, enjoy living near Charlotte NC and have three grown children and one granddaughter. Linda was a stay-at-home mom and a part-time dental assistant until the children started leaving for college. After exploring her calling and realizing her passion to encourage moms of young children, she transitioned into a mentoring role. She has always loved working with dental patients but loves her role at www.momsmentoring.com even more, and today that is her primary occupation.

Lloyd Reeb was a successful real estate developer and owner of luxury senior housing facilities in 1993 when his idea of success changed dramatically and his life’s focus shifted to second-half significance. He spends most of his time now speaking and leading workshops around the world, moderating Halftime Institute events and coaching men and women through the Halftime journey.

Lloyd is also the author of The Second Half: Real Stories, Real Adventures, Real Significance, a coffee table book packed with stories of people mak­ing a difference in their second half. His first book, From Success to Sig­nificance: When the Pursuit of Success Isn’t Enough, is a roadmap for mid-life transition. He co-authored Unlimited Partnership: Igniting a Marketplace Leader’s Journey to Significance, a guide to partnering with non-profit leaders. Lloyd’s Introduction to Halftime Group Curriculum is written to people who are not financially independent but want to emphasize significance in their second half.