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This is My Halftime Story: Lisa Huntsberry

From Baylor graduate to CPA, to Chief Financial Officer...to what? This is the question facing Halftimer Lisa Huntsberry, former CFO of Interstate Batteries. Lisa remains uncertain about her next step. But what she knows- and who she knows- gives her great peace and joy while she takes an intentional pause. Born into a Christian family in Ft. Worth, TX, Lisa came to know the Lord personally at an early age. As she grew to adulthood, went to college and began her career, she repeatedly saw the Lord’s faithfulness. “I have

This is My Halftime Story: Lisa Huntsberry2015-06-15T12:32:29-05:00

Building a Thriving Family In Your Second Half- Part 3

By Lloyd and Linda Reeb It’s hard to believe we’re already to Part 3 of the Building a Thriving Family email series. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 be sure to go back and check it out. This week we are going to dive in deep and focus on your leadership role within the family, family values, and the risks and opportunities for each individual in your family. Questions For Building a Thriving Family 1. Leadership: What is your role in leading the family, and what is your

Building a Thriving Family In Your Second Half- Part 32018-06-25T13:29:38-05:00
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