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This is an affiliate event – not hosted by Halftime Institute.

This month, in its 10th year of service, NCF North Texas is launching an initiative that it believes God will use to grow Christ-centered generosity throughout Dallas in exponential ways. That initiative is Generosity Dallas (generositydallas.org).

Generosity Dallas is a community made up of Dallas Christians who want to see authentic biblical generosity grow in their own hearts and in the city of Dallas. On May 9th, attendees will gather together as a community to participate in a conference that is designed to help with their giving journey while making divine connections.

This year’s Giving Conference will have 3 learning sessions that will focus on:

  • Session I – Starting or enhancing your giving strategy
  • Session II – Impact investing
  • Session III – Family dynamics in giving

Each session is designed to engage attendees through hearing from subject matter experts and interactive Q&A.

You are invited to come and bring a peer! This conference will be helpful to ALL Dallas Christian givers who are interested in learning and being a part of this new community. All Generosity Dallas events are free of charge and free of solicitation – come and enjoy.

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