The Family Impact of the Halftime Fellows Program


 The Fellows Program benefits the whole family. Our goal is that you are closer than ever before and more aligned with God, your spouse, and your entire family. 

 What will the Fellows Program mean for your family?

“The biggest benefit to the Fellows Program was bringing my family back together.”

– Mike, Founder of a Fortune 500 Investment Firm

Mike, Founder of a Fortune 500 Investment Firm, Your Content Goes Here

In this 3-min video, hear from the spouses of Halftime Fellows on what the journey has been like, what hesitations they had, and how they have benefitted and been impacted by this journey together.


Fill out the Contact Form below to learn more. Our two-way discernment process helps you to know if the Fellows Program is right for you and your family, and it helps us get to know you. Fill out the contact form below to get started.