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The next season of your life can be even better than the last.  But first, you need to figure out: What is next?  Halftime focuses on this important time of transition.  It’s a time for revitalization and refocus, creating a game plan for your next season so your life can be filled with joy, purpose, balance, and impact.

The Fellows Program provides a clear-cut process for navigating that transition PLUS a community of peers to connect with along the way.

For a limited time we are opening FREE registration to our Fellows Program Informational Sessions. These session are the most efficient way to “kick the tires”, so to speak. During the session, you can expect to:

  • Learn more about the Fellows Program.
  • Hear directly from Fellows Alumni — what were their biggest takeaways?
  • Interact with the Halftime Team, Fellows Alumni, and others who are exploring the Program, just like you!
  • Ask questions to determine YOUR best, next step.

What’s Included in Your Fellows Program Experience:

  • 12 one-hour coaching sessions with your Halftime Certified Coach.

    These sessions are one-on-one and customized to YOU and your unique needs to make the most of this season.

  • 4 on-site experiences* with your Cohort.

    You’ll meet quarterly with 5-8 peers who are on the same journey as you! Together you’ll be each others’ sounding boards, share wisdom and experience, and benefit from your connections.

  • 8+ Virtual Connection Points.

    Webinars and facilitated Zoom sessions (video conference calls) with your Cohort will keep you on track, accountable, and connected throughout your journey.

  • 4 Coaching Sessions for your Spouse or a loved one.

    Don’t forget, the people who matter most in your life are on this journey with you (whether they realize it or not!) These Coaching Sessions are monumentally impactful for gaining a shared vocabulary for next season impact. Plus, you never know what ideas may be sparked when you’re on the same page!

Program Tuition: $25,000**

*Upcoming Cohorts will meet both virtually and in-person in an effort to safely serve all Fellows with excellence. Cohorts’ schedules may be modified, pending the development of COVID-19. **$10,000 is tax-deductible. Lodging and Airfare not included. Quarterly and monthly payment plans available for added flexibility at this time.

Don’t have time to join us for a 90-minute Info Session?

That’s ok! You can schedule a one-on-one call with our team so that you can still get your questions answered and keep moving toward your goals. Plus, we promise we won’t keep you more than 45 minutes. Click the button below to schedule a call at your convenience.

Our Wholistic Approach

“Transformation happens locally, over time, with others.” -Bob Buford

The Fellows Program is designed to connect you with a Certified Coach and others who are pursuing a life of enduring impact – just like you! This season has the potential to bring rejuvenation and joy into not only your life, but the lives of your loved ones as well. Check out the testimonials of real people like you to see for yourself:

Power of Coaching

Dream Together

What People are Saying about the Fellows Program:

  • “I tried to figure out my next season on my own and failed miserably. I needed a process that was intentional. I couldn’t have gotten to where God wanted me without my Coach and my Cohort.” – Fellows Program Client (Attorney)

  • “Having worked in a strategic planning role for over a decade at the highest levels of the U.S. military, I have yet to take part in a process that enabled a diverse group of newcomers to develop individual, coherent life plans the way Halftime did for each member of my Cohort.” – Fellows Program Client (U.S. Military Leader)

  • “I do a lot on my own as an owner. I had no idea how much I needed strong friendships. I needed this group.” – Halftime Fellows Program Client (Entrepreneur)