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by Bob Buford, Founder of Halftime Institute

The next season of your life can be even better than the last.  But first, you need to figure out: What is next?  Halftime focuses on this important time of transition.  It’s a time for revitalization and refocus, creating a game plan for your next season so your life can be filled with joy, purpose, balance, and impact. 

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Here’s What You’ll Learn from this Amazing Book:

  • There are two parallel tracks to this transition. Most of us reach Halftime and wonder, “What will I do with the rest of my life?” But we’ve discovered there is an equally important question that has to be answered: “Who will you become in this next season?”

  • Midlife renewal is at first a detox. There are many elements of your success so far that you will need to let go of before you can really embrace your purpose moving forward.

  • Halftime is more like archaeology than architecture. Much of what you need to know to plan for your future is inside your heart and mind already. This journey requires the time and discipline to dig it out.

  • Personal one-on-one coaching is essential. Even the fastest swimmer in the world has a coach. You’ll benefit from one, too.

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded peers to support your progress is critical. They’ll bring much needed perspective and accountability.

  • The Halftime journey takes time. We have discovered that this journey is different for everyone, but no one has it all figured out overnight.

But Halftime is more than just a book…

What is “Halftime”?

‘Halftime’ is a time-out. It’s a time to pause, reflect on what you’ve accomplished, who you’ve become, and what will matter most to you in the next season of life. It’s an opportunity to make a course correction or commit to stay the course so that you are equipped to direct your time and resources purposefully.

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“Transformation happens locally, over time, with others.” -Bob Buford

Halftime Programs are designed to connect you with a Certified Coach and others who are pursuing a life of enduring impact – just like you! Click below to learn more about the Programs available to enroll in.

Fellows Program

One on One Coaching

Dream Together

What People are Saying about Halftime Programs:

  • “I tried to figure out my next season on my own and failed miserably. I needed a process that was intentional. I couldn’t have gotten to where God wanted me without my Coach and my Cohort.” – Fellows Program Client (Attorney)

  • “After reading and getting connected with the team at the Halftime Institute, I’m excited to move forward with a Coach to help me figure out what my best next step is while honoring God and my loved ones.” – Halftime One on One Coaching Client (Corporate Executive)

  • “I do a lot on my own as an owner. I had no idea how much I needed strong friendships. I needed this group.” – Halftime Fellows Program Client (Entrepreneur)

  • “The most valuable aspect for us was gaining the tools to have the needed, overdue conversations about our hopes and dreams for our family now that we have adult children who are starting their own families. The examples given for how to start executing a plan were beneficial as we think through the kind of legacy we want to leave.” – Halftime Dream Together Couples’ Experience Clients