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Bob Buford, author of Halftime and founder of the Halftime Institute says “Real change in one’s life happens with others over time.”

Based on this foundational principle, he formed an executive coaching network of Certified Halftime Coaches to help people with in this unique season of life called “halftime” – a time in life where the desire to move from success to significance is getting stronger and stronger.

Our PROGRAMS at the Halftime Institute all include one year of one-on-one executive coaching as you address question such as:

  • What does significance look like for you, and how do you attain it?
  • How does the desire for significance dovetail with the other important elements of your life? (i.e. marriage, family, a need for continued income)
  • How much (success, wealth, lifestyle, acclaim, etc) is enough?
  • What is your personal mission for the next season of life?
  • How can you find a best-fit role?
  • How can you leave a legacy?

You will meet face-to-face or by phone/Skype monthly with your coach to help you stay on track and ensure your second-half plan is fully implemented. We can also tailor your coaching to match the pace and duration to your specific needs and style (i.e., you may prefer a couple of preliminary meetings, followed by several months on your own to strategize and explore opportunities, and then a second set of meetings to evaluate and refine your plan). Your Coach will document all conclusions and action steps in writing.

Halftime Coaches are peers who have traveled the path you’re on and dedicated their lives to serving those on the road to significance. Our coaches bring a keen understanding of the Halftime journey, having personally experienced their own mid-life transition. With helpful assessment tools, inside knowledge of opportunities and a broad perspective on diverse Halftime models, our coaches can help launch you toward outstanding second-half results.

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