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“If you define success as using what I have for my own benefit, and if you just define significance as using what I have to be a blessing to others, then the pursuit of success alone will always fall short. You know, Jesus said it’s better to give than to get.”

Lloyd Reeb, Executive Coach at the Halftime Institute, understands the delicate relationship between success and significance. He uses this knowledge to help individuals find their calling, helping them to find the balance between success and significance in their lives.

Tune in April 14th to hear from Halftime Founding Partner, Lloyd Reeb on the Lead Like it Matters to God Podcast.

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HT Alum and President Emeritus of World Vision, Rich Stearns, recently launched a podcast around his new book, Lead Like it Matters to God. This new podcast explores a critical leadership question:

How should Christian leaders live out their faith at work?

Over the course of his career, Rich Stearns has been a CEO of a toy company, a luxury goods company, and a large Christian ministry. You can hear more of his halftime story here

On each episode, he’ll be talking with a seasoned Christian leader to explore their leadership journey, and they values and qualities they believe to be most important in a leader.