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Detoxing from the Addiction to Success

Sep 16, 2016, 7:20am EST
Many people have an addiction to success. Like a drug, or money, success never completely satisfies. No matter how much you have, it is never enough.

For the most part I have found success to be a positive addiction, but like all good things, it can quickly and subtly go toxic. After a certain point it takes control of your life.

Henry David Thoreau describes in Walden a situation where one becomes “possessed by his possessions,” where “the cows become the masters of the farmers.” That is what success can do to you.

Once upon a time Peter Drucker made me clearly understand this concept, and he used only two words to do it. It was early in our relationship, at a time when I was in hot pursuit of my corporate growth goals.

It was late in the afternoon at the end of a long and profitable day. I said, “I think most people would give their left arm to be where I am.” Peter said, “I wouldn’t.” I have never forgotten that moment.

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