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Lloyd Reeb
Charlotte, NC

Jeff Spadafora
Denver, CO



Colorado/South Florida



Paul Steinway
Paul Steinway
Northern Colorado


William J. Bantz
Charlotte, NC

Sandy Swider
Greenwich, CT & Philadelphia, PA

David Filkin
Chicago, IL

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Glenn Williams

David Clark

Keith Reynolds
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CC Chang

GAN Thiam Boon

David Wong
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Mingying Lee
South Africa
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South Africa

Lloyd Reeb,
Charlotte, NC

Lloyd Reeb is a successful real estate developer and owner of retirement housing who made a mid-life transition, looking for greater meaning, joy and impact in his second half. To his surprise he discovered that he was not alone in this journey and that many talented leaders are longing for midlife renewal.

Lloyd has had the privilege of investing 20 years helping leaders plan their second half. He helped launch the Halftime Institute, a global team that teach, coach and connect successful men and women in pursuit of significance.

In Lloyd’s words, “When all you’ve done or own seems to matter less …and your heart craves more meaning, joy and balance…when something triggers in your mind that you’re entering your second half of life and you’re unsure what your calling is for the next season… you’re in Halftime.”

Lloyd has taken the Halftime message around the world: speaking, teaching and coaching individuals through the journey. As a result, he understands the issues that surround your Halftime in a deep and practical way.

He is the author of From Success to Significance: When the Pursuit of Success Isn’t Enough, which is a road map for this mid-life transition. His book The Second Half: Real stories, Real adventures, Real significance provides compelling evidence that your second half could be the most creative and productive season of your life.

Lloyd and his wife, Linda, have written the book Halftime for Couples. They live in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have three adult children.

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Jeff Spadafora,
Denver, CO

Jeff Spadafora is the Director of Global Coaching Services and Product Development for The Halftime Institute. He spent 20 years as a leadership and executive development consultant for Fortune 1000 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Easter Seals. Compassion International, Compuware, Domino’s Pizza, Visteon, Northern Trust Bank, and Helene Curtis.

In 2005, Jeff was inspired by Bob Buford’s book Halftime and began his journey of discovering God’s true purpose for his second half. As he worked with his Halftime coach, it became clear that his calling is to help other people discover their calling.

He has coached over 130 men and women through the Halftime Journey and continues to make this a primary part of his ministry. As the leader of The Halftime Institute’s global coaching staff, he is also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing Halftime Certified coaches throughout the world.

In addition to being the lead designer of the Halftime curriculum and one of the primary facilitators of workshops for groups of people embarking on the Halftime journey, Jeff also writes and speaks globally about the issues of life purpose, joy, and kingdom impact.

His latest book, The Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Life of Peace, Purpose, and Balance, is the result of a decade of personal growth, life coaching, coach leadership and study. WWW.THEJOYMODEL.COM

He lives in Evergreen, Colorado, with his wife Michelle and has 3 children. He enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking and everything else the great outdoors of Colorado has to offer.

“Too many people focus the better part of their lives on the wrong things: the company’s agenda, other peoples’ ideas of success . . . money. Over time, this leads to frustration and emptiness. True freedom comes as a people discover their God-given design and pour themselves into service for others.” –Jeff Spadafora

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Platinum Coach, Steve,  spent more than 35 years working with Caterpillar in sales and marketing, public relations, human resources and logistics leadership functions, including accountability for global distribution of Caterpillar parts. His Halftime journey began with a severe ankle fracture while running one icy winter morning, resulting in two questions God brought to his mind during the recovery process: “How much time do I have left and what am I to do with that time?” A financial planner recommended the book HALFTIME to Steve and he connected with a Halftime coach to begin to discover the vision of where God might be taking him in his Ephesians 2:10 calling. After participating at the Halftime Institute in 2010, Steve decided to retire from Caterpillar and focus on three key areas: deepening his faith and walk with Christ, investing more time in the life of his family, and pursuing a Halftime “mission” of “building leaders with Christ-centered priorities”. Within that mission, Steve is leveraging his Halftime experience by serving others as a certified Halftime Coach to discover where God might be taking them on their Halftime journey.

Steve and his wife of 44 years, Pat, live in Peoria, Illinois and spend considerable time on a lake in southern Michigan with their four grown children and spouses, and their nine grandchildren. Steve is running again and also enjoys kayaking, sailing, camping and reading.

“While leaving the marketplace and concentrating initially on the “head journey” of Halftime and “what should I do”, God has really shown me how important the “heart journey” of “who is He having me become” is. It is exciting to see how important relationships are in life… with God, my family and those I might serve in my second half. First Thessalonians 1:2-3.”

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Jennifer is a professional leadership coach and strategic facilitator with more than 25 years of experience in strategy, organizational and personal transformation, as well as change leadership.  She has an eclectic background that spans business, politics and the not-for-profit spheres.

After reading the Halftime book in 2000, Jennifer made a decision to trade her role as Vice President of Human Resources for a major Canadian corporation for a career that provided her with greater margin to pursue activities of eternal significance.

In 2002 she co-founded Leadership That Matters™ and has provided executive coaching and strategic facilitation to hundreds of leaders in the marketplace, the not- for-profit sector and the church.

With a consistent passion for supporting leaders who yearn for a life of significance, Jennifer has pursued a portfolio approach to her Halftime journey.

In addition to her work as a Halftime coach, Jennifer is a faculty member for Arrow Leadership and serves on the board of the Ottawa Mission, as well as Help Lesotho, which helps develop young leaders in southern Africa. She will make her fifth trip to Lesotho in 2015.

Jennifer lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband Paul and their son Scott.  They are avid skiers and Scott and Jennifer enjoy exploring the world together.

Colorado/South Florida

After many years serving as a financial advisor with a biblical focus, Jim had a Halftime experience. His personal coach helped Jim uncover a zeal to assist his clients discover their own passion and purpose. Recognizing the impact of a Halftime coach on his personal search for significance, Jim became a certified Halftime coach. He now guides others in mid-life and beyond as they discover and pursue their unique calling. Jim enjoys being able to assist others in their search for peace of mind, purpose, meaning, and balance in their lives

In addition to serving as a Halftime coach, Jim was also invited to become president and board chairman of a private charitable foundation, and lead its formation and startup. Reflecting passions that were dormant in Jim’s life for over 30 years, he now has the privilege of being able to pursue those passions, and make a difference, through his role as head of the private charitable foundation.

In his first half, Jim served in the field of finance for over 30 years. He began his career with an international CPA firm, then moved into corporate finance serving in various capacities, including the role of corporate controller. When in his 30′s, Jim sensed a strong desire to make a change in direction. He shifted his focus to providing comprehensive, biblically-based, financial and wealth counsel, to individuals, families and business owners. His most recent role before leaving finance was as a senior financial advisor with the firm Ronald Blue & Co.

Jim and his wife, Elizabeth, have homes both in sunny South Florida and in Colorado. Their two grown children are happily married, and they have two grandchildren with another on the way. Jim is active in his local church leading a small group Bible study, and he and his wife enjoy hiking and the outdoors in Colorado.


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Bob spent a large part of his career in the publishing and advertising industries. He served as a Chief Operating Officer in the Tribune Company, which then owned the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Hoy Publications, and multiple other properties operating in the print, broadcast, and digital media sectors. Following his publishing career, he spent several years in the nonprofit sector, serving in a variety of executive-level staff and board member roles.

Reading the book Halftime and attending the Launch Event in 2010 were foundation-setting opportunities the Lord used to move Bob into the work he now does as an author, speaker, and life coach. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University and is a Certified Halftime Coach and Certified Professional Motivators Analyst.

Bob, and his wife Susan, co-authored Who Are the Joneses Anyway?, a popular book focused on helping others discover who they are and why they are here so they can lead the intentional, authentic lives they were created for.

Bob and Susan have been happily married for over fifteen years and are blessed to have a growing, blended family. They live in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and enjoy writing, speaking, and coaching on a growing basis.


Paul McGinnis’ first half career was filled with a variety of roles in marketing, sales and operations. He worked for a large, non-profit financial institution as well as a Fortune 250 company where he led the marketing efforts in one of their fastest growing divisions.

As he climbed the corporate ladder, God began tugging at his heart saying He had more for him than success, wealth and a corner office. This started an incredible journey for Paul filled with wild leaps of faith, incredible lessons in humility and a life-changing shift in his perspective.

Paul heard about the Halftime Institute through an alumnus and enrolled and began working with his coach. At first this led him to becoming a certified Halftime Coach to help other marketplace leaders discover their next calling, but he knew God had more for him. A few months later, the opportunity came to join the Halftime Institute team and lead their marketing efforts. This role plus his coaching was the final piece of his Halftime puzzle.

Paul and his wife Maryann have been married more than 25 years and have two grown kids, Drew and Jennica.

“It’s been amazing for me to see God use every single aspect of my first half journey to lead me to a second half of joy and impact.  I now see the “why” behind many things that have happened in my life, and I thank God that He loves me enough to give me just a small glimpse into His plan, purpose and process.”

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Carolyn has more than 25 years of experience in business journalism and is a nationally recognized author with Simon & Schuster and Random House on time and money management. For the last several years, she has worked in financial services with prominent national firms.

Carolyn’s halftime call came in the mid-2000’s when she walked away from a successful career as a newscaster to balance family and search for significance in her work life. What followed was a decade-long ride of great experiences in ministry and the corporate world, along with excruciating trials. Carolyn paid the “dumb tax,” ending up in places and positions – with well-intentioned people – that were the wrong fit. Thankfully, God’s grace won the day and the decade.

These challenges led Carolyn to Halftime and a more thoughtful, process-driven approach to discerning God’s call. Her mission is to empower leaders for Christ in a safe, non-judgmental, protected environment to create enduring impact for the Kingdom. Carolyn is also excited to be part of Halftime’s Women’s Initiative, as some women have expressed feeling “put out to pasture when they reach age 50.” No more.

Carolyn lives with her family in Virginia Beach and raised 3 children, ages 20, 22 and 33

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Read Carolyn’s new book, iCompete: How My Extraordinary Strategy for Winning Can Be Yours, with entrepreneur expert, John T. Hewitt.

Paul Steinway,
Northern Colorado

Paul Steinway spent 35 years designing, developing, financing, building, and managing operations of large-scale electric power generating facilities and commercial real estate projects. Valued at more than $1.5 billion, the projects were completed in cooperation with closely held partnerships, private equity firms, and publicly traded companies.

In 2012 Paul walked away from project development feeling called to find something that resonated in the heart. Paul enrolled in the Halftime Institute, and at the Launch Event in March of 2013, he started a personal transformation adventure filled with learning, practicing, and surrender. Paul is now committed to ongoing service as a Certified Halftime Coach.

Paul often shares, “Nothing gives me greater joy than connecting with others, learning their unique Halftime stories, and having the opportunity to bring Holy Spirit driven coaching skills to the table. I enjoy working with Halftimers as they discover, embrace, and activate their God given strengths. My Halftime journey has opened my eyes and softened my heart.”

Married in 1978, Paul and Merrole share life in grateful awe of their abundant blessings. They split their time between homes in Northern Colorado, and Dallas, Texas; locations that allow them to be close and connected to their two married children, two grandsons, and the ongoing desire to share the fruit of faith in Christ with their growing family.


Platinum Coach, Rod Stewart, spent 34 years with Teradyne in the electronics market providing leadership to various Engineering, Marketing and Business groups around the world.  When he read Bob Buford’s Halftime book, his journey to discover God’s will for his second half began to unfold.  Through God’s loving pursuit over a number of years, he decided to retire from the high-tech world and surrender to God’s leading, wherever that might take him.  Throughout his career, Rod has enjoyed leading teams and coaching people to achieve their goals, in the workplace and the church.  Now his passion is to use those skills and experience to help others discover their significance in Christ and move toward living a life of greater joy and impact as they respond to God’s call on their second half.

Rod lives in Southern California, enjoys all things outdoors, spending time with his bride of nearly 50 years, two grown children and especially his four grandchildren!

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William J. Bantz,
Charlotte, NC

Bill J. Bantz was a commercial real estate investor / developer and information technology professional for 15 years before he realized he was being called to something more. After moving from New York to North Carolina, he began an intentional search for his “Life II” calling and was introduced to Halftime and the Halftime Roundtable concept by his dad, ultimately coming out of the Roundtable process with the clarity and focus for his second half calling that he’d been looking for.

Considered an Advisor / Creator and Resource Aggregator, he is passionate about helping leaders solve their most troubling personal & professional issues to create greater significance, wellness, and harmony in their lives. In addition to being a Certified Halftime Coach, Bill has an Advanced Diploma in Christian Life Coaching with special focus on executive and wellness coaching, is credentialed as a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach, and is the founder and primary Transformation Guide at The Transformative Connection (

Bill lives in Charlotte, NC with his incredible wife, JoAnn, and their 4 children. He enjoys spending focused time with his wife, helping his children grow to love God and love people, and taking family trips to the beach.


Sandy Swider,
Greenwich, CT & Philadelphia, PA

Sandy Swider is a hotel executive turned executive coach. Sandy headed-up key global marketing initiatives for Starwood Hotels & Resorts using relationship-building, strategic branding and cross-functional team leadership to transform brands, create loyalty and catalyze culture change across the 200,000-person organization. The hospitality world offered Sandy extraordinary experiences – too many to count and, truth be told, too many forgotten in the mad-dash to the next airport. As she ran faster on the treadmill, her heart was undergoing transformation. She was sensing God calling her to slow down for a season in order to discern how she could impact the world more deeply.

Sandy enrolled at the Halftime Institute and began to see her truest value was helping people understand, articulate and maximize their truest value as well. As a certified Halftime coach, Sandy serves high capacity leaders to get clearer about who they are, how they are meant to be in the world and the deeper impact they can have. She is also principal of coaching and consulting practice Swider & Co. Today, Sandy’s performance dashboard is straightforward: Leaders Transformed! And she’s never been happier.

Sandy and Casey, her handsome and charismatic Shih Tzu, divide their time between her historic home in Greenwich, CT and Philadelphia, PA, where family roots grow deep and loving bonds are strong. As a single woman, Sandy also believes you don’t have to be family to be family. She cherishes her network of accomplished friends and volunteer partners delighting in every moment they share.

David Filkin,
Chicago, IL

David has been serving successful people more than 25 years.  After practicing law for nearly 2 decades, he joined a Chicago-based wealth management firm and was primarily responsible for business development. In 2012, David joined a start-up advisory group and has continued helping families and businesses achieve significance by utilizing his legal, strategic and relational skills.  David also serves as chairman of the elder board at Christ Church in Lake Forest, IL and as a board member of the Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation.  He also facilitates a peer advisor group at Loyola University comprised of CEOs of family-owned businesses.

David first enrolled in 2005 at the Halftime Institute. Through his passion for helping people live life to the fullest, he has introduced more than 30 people to the Institute program (including our CEO Dean Niewolny).

David and his wife Susan live in the northern Chicago suburbs and have four children.  In addition to attending soccer games, David enjoys fishing, golfing and biking.


Bob Durfey spent over 30 years as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, piloting ships, flying helicopter rescue missions, mentoring and equipping leaders to meet urgent national level challenges. Bob is a highly decorated, successful servant-leader who is known for his ability to integrate his faith into all aspects of work & leadership. He is a graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Harvard University who held two major commands and key leadership positions overseeing thousands of men and women and hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. His aircrews quickly responded to New York City and Washington D.C. on September 11th 2001, flying the first homeland security patrols since WWII.  He tells a great story of a meeting with President Bush, taking the opportunity to bless him with a prayer.

Bob tells us: “After reading the book Halftime in early 2008, I recognized I had been ‘in halftime’ for a few years.  I had grown up backpacking in the Sierra, White and Olympic Mountain ranges.  Most of my ‘Life #1’ had been like a great hiking trip in a beautiful range of mountains but the four years before I retired from the Coast Guard felt like I had been backpacking in a fog-filled valley, looking for the trailhead for the next mountain range to climb.”

“In 2005, our family had been invited by missionary friends to visit an ‘unreached’ tribe in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  It was life changing for our whole family.  We learned much about ourselves and what is really important in life.  With that experience as background, I was coached to further clarify how I could best intersect and use my strong interests in servant leadership, working with Internationals, missions, aviation safety, travel, speaking, and seeing leaders integrate their faith in whatever they do – or even better – what they were designed to do!  With encouragement and accountability from Halftime coaches I freed up more time to give leadership /motivational talks, serve two mission aviation organizations, facilitate Halftime events and later begin coaching others through the same simple but profound process.”

Bob recently shared the notes he took at his first Halftime event:  “I first want to love and honor Jesus Christ, then help encourage leaders to lead in a God honoring way (integrate faith in what they do).  I want to leave a legacy of not just being a great dad but one who raises kids who live deep, great self-sacrificing lives for the Kingdom of God, making a difference in others lives.”

Bob and his wife Carolyn, married 34 years, have found the Halftime Institute, tools and coaching very helpful in doing life as a family.  They are blessed to see both of their children serving the Lord and continuing in what they as a family have done for 30+ years – RESCUE work!  Sarah (age 28) works to rescue those caught in human trafficking; Joe (age 25) is an engineering officer in the Coast Guard.  Carolyn, also a graduate of the Halftime Institute, uses her logistic skills and gifts of helps and compassion to serve immigrant mothers, as well as previously trafficked women living in the Amirah safe house, a place of refuge and healing that was envisioned and started by their daughter Sarah & friends.

The greatest athletes in the world all have coaches.  The most successful business leaders use coaches; the great orators, singers and actors all have coaches.  Why would we, who are somewhat stumbling around “in the fog,” trying to find our way, not seek help from someone who has been where we are and knows the way out?    Bob has empathy for those who feel they are in the fog or needing rescue.  He has coached over seventy men and women the past six years.  His mission statement is to RESCUE LEADERS FROM SUCCESS AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO BECOME VESSELS OF SERVICE!


John started chasing success at an early age. Whether it was collecting and selling golf balls or delivering newspapers, he knew what he wanted and he was prepared to work for it. Early career achievements included being a top salesperson for a large insurance company, but despite the lucrative financial rewards, John frequently experienced a longing for something beyond success.

A number of years later, John was a CEO, building the successful Australia-wide Financial Planning firm, Garrisons, with its own Funds Management Company – Synergy Capital Management Ltd. It was an exciting, high-pressure role that enabled him to break new ground and achieve new success. Like many business executives, John wanted a life purpose beyond corporate success, but he was so caught up and busy in his role that he didn’t know where to turn. He was successfully running a large company but all of this was taking its toll on John’s life. He was working 80-hour weeks and his health and family life was at an all-time low.

He was so busy chasing success that his life was totally out of balance and cracks were appearing.

Frustration and burn-out were imminent but John gained a transforming insight into what was wrong with his life and how to change it during an unlikely event: the spoken message of a “Harley-riding blues preacher” impacted and broke through to trigger a transformational change in John’s life. It was a revelation. In an instant, John realised that he needed to focus on helping others to succeed instead of chasing his own success. Suddenly he found his life-purpose! It was the start of a journey beyond success to significance.

John restructured his role as CEO to enable more time to develop a parallel career which enabled him to spend over ten years volunteering a significant amount of time utilizing his leadership, vision and strategic planning skills to help a local school and church.

Having being inspired by Bob Buford’s book “Halftime”, John formed a partnership with the Halftime Institute in Dallas in 2009 to enable Australian Halftimers to have easy access to a supporting Australian Halftime community, products and services.

As a Halftimer, John still keeps one of his hands in the corporate scene, running property development projects and sitting on various boards, but most of his time is spent developing the Halftime vision within Australia. He is dedicated to supporting and mentoring business leaders to find their life purpose as well as deal with mid-life transition issues. John regularly speaks to groups of business people and Halftimers. He also runs Leadership Abroad Tours, where he leads and travels with groups of business people to places like North India, where he and his team provide valuable leadership training sessions and one-on-one mentoring.

John explains why they run the leadership and mentoring sessions overseas: “We still do a lot of mentoring locally, but we have noticed more dynamic life-change and success during the programs that we run on the Leadership Abroad Tours. These trips are amazing. Sure, we take business leaders overseas and do go to shopping districts and tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal, but we also take them to orphanages and slums. We explore philanthropic opportunities and meet with political, business and community leaders. The experiences, conversations and friendships that are forged during these trips cannot be replicated in a meeting room in an office in Australia.”

John and his wife Sue live in Melbourne and have four adult children. Order his new book, “ENRICHED” here.


Michael has an engineering background and after a radical conversion to Christ, felt the call to ministry which consequently led him to being involved in a number of churches.

After 12 years of serving in full-time church life, Michael felt compelled to change direction and became involved in the business world. During his time as Executive Director of an Australian company involved with hospital products, he was instrumental in the globalisation of the company through the development of strategic relationships and key alliances.

In 2003, after being impacted by Bob Buford’s Halftime book, Michael transitioned his focus from success to significance and resigned from his Executive role. He now spends the majority of his time speaking into the lives of business and community leaders.

Michael is passionate about seeing people grow in every aspect of their life. He coaches, encourages and equips business leaders for personal transformation and life change.

He travels extensively, specifically to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia where he continues to influence, challenge and impact church and business leaders to reach their God-given potential. His global networks keep Michael culturally and professionally motivated and relevant.

Currently, Michael is also a board member of several organisations and volunteers in his local church.

Michael, his wife Marion, two daughters and son in law reside in Melbourne while enjoying time away together at their country retreat in the beautiful high country of Victoria.

Glenn Williams,

Former CEO and entrepeneur for several successful businesses in Australia.

Glenn brings a wealth of global experience and insight to leaders, with a career in sales for a multinational company in Australia, before working as a psychologist in the human services area working with government and non-government agencies in the state of Victoria.

In 1992, he founded Pro-Fam Australia providing a range of training programs to the corporate and community sectors. In 2004, Glenn relocated to the U.S. overseeing the global work of an international NGO, eventually becoming their COO. In this role he was responsible for global strategy, marketing and fundraising, the development and distribution of global content initiatives, community partnerships, operations, leadership development, human resources, and constituent care.

In this role, Glenn provided leadership to major program initiatives in the U.S, Asia, South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, including the introduction of a new global governance and partnership model. In 2009, he also launched a medical relief partnership in Beijing through the China Association of Social Workers.

In 2010, Glenn started Outward Looking International, a global leadership consultancy and executive coaching business. Since 2010, he has been working with a diverse range of leaders in the development of an innovative program, designed to help companies increase and transform their leadership capacity.

Glenn is an excellent communicator. He has spoken to a wide range of audiences all over the world on leadership, marriage, parenting and family issues, including the Beijing Family Forum in China and the United Nations in New York.  He is a published author, and his leadership blog is widely read.

He is married to Natalie and they have three children.

David Clark,

David’s ability to identify people’s uniqueness and help them use this uniqueness to their advantage is outstanding.

David Clark made his own Halftime transition after his senior management role in a successful company concluded when the company was purchased by a multi-national enterprise.

David has a breadth of experience in numerous corporate and not for profit entities. After years of coaching business owners and leaders, David has developed the view that identifying and playing to individuals’ strengths and motivations is key to producing outstanding results.  He ensures that his clients grow in their understanding of themselves and how others perceive them before developing a plan for their second half.

David uses the Innervision DNA tool to help facilitate his coaching service. The tool has been scientifically developed to provide quality feedback for the Halftime journey process and ensure relationships are handled effectively throughout the change process.

David is passionate about helping Halftimers discover what their life might look like if they followed their true calling and reached their potential.

David is an excellent and a fun facilitator.  He is actively involved in his local community and loves helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives.

David lives in Launceston Tasmania with his wife, Janene, and their two children. He enjoys all sports and he and his family can often be found at the beach.

Keith Reynolds,

Keith is passionate about walking alongside others and helping them to realise their full potential. He is adept at supporting at an individual level and through leading or facilitating teams, motivating each person towards a higher plane of confidence and purpose.

Keith’s breadth of business leadership and governance experience, combined with his relational skills, compassion and encouragement to others, have led him to be a natural coach throughout his career.

Keith has had a corporate career with over 30 years international experience within the infrastructure sector. Keith has gained a rich cultural awareness and understanding of business and community engagement through leading large private and public listed international businesses, holding positions as Director, CEO and MD, and living and working in Ghana, Singapore, Thailand, U.K, New Zealand and Australia.

Whilst enjoying success in his career Keith felt a strong calling to a greater purpose in his life. He was directed towards Bob Buford’s book, HalfTime, and he has never looked back. Keith was subsequently elected to the Board of a strong independent Christian charity providing care to the community – and was later invited to join the executive team where he leads a broad portfolio of services and provides coaching to other leaders across the organisation.

As a qualified HalfTime coach Keith applies his open, warm personality and business skills to encourage other business leaders and to help them re-evaluate their capacity, re-discover their potential and pursue their true purpose in life.

Keith and his wife Dawn live in Sydney and are blessed with two adult children.

CC Chang,

Chiew Chit (CC) Chang has 27 years of professional experience in various senior leadership roles in 3 different industries (Consumer Electronics, Building Materials & FMCG), based in 3 different countries (The Netherlands, Indonesia & Singapore).

CC is one of the founding members of Halftime Asia, an affiliate to Halftime Institute in Dallas, a global organization dedicated to serve high capacity individuals in their journey from success to significance.

Being a Gallup trained Strengths Coach as well as a Halftime trained coach, CC is passionate about coaching market place leaders to discover their innate talent, to follow their dreams, to impact their community and fulfill their divine destiny.

CC has a B. Engineering degree from National University of Singapore, an MBA from University of Strathclyde (UK) and completed both Senior Leadership and Senior Management Programs at IMD Switzerland.

He lives in Singapore with his beautiful wife (Phang) and two lovely children (Michael and Maria) and fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

GAN Thiam Boon,

Gan spent 21 years at a multi-national company in an enriching career in business & technology development, and systems engineering. He worked extensively in organisational structures and processes, competence building and business excellence. While enjoying his work and team tremendously, he was gradually losing meaning with the corporate career successes. His parallel involvement with church ministries and missions work exposed him to serving arenas where he learnt to use his organisation competencies in ministry work. He decided to transit to a second half with a renewed purpose to work with teams of willing-hearted people to attain significance in God’s Kingdom.

To share his experiences, Gan served for many years as an Industry Partner in the Singapore-MIT Alliance iMST programme, and as mentor to its master’s degree project teams. He was also a SPRING Senior Assessor for the Singapore Quality Award and judge-mentor at Startup@Singapore.

In his second half, Gan’s quest for purpose leads him to serve with teams of willing-hearted people to grow capabilities and capacity together for God’s kingdom. He divides his time consulting with SMEs, and serving as a facilitator in his church cell groups and Halftime Roundtables.

Gan is married to Poh Lian, with a daughter and son. They are long-time members of Care Community Church where he serves in the church council. He also volunteers weekly at the Riding for the Disabled Association – Singapore.

“Halftime sharpens my second half mission, shifting from a first half of doing “What I like” to “What is meaningful and purposeful” in service to God and His people.”

David Wong,
Hong Kong

“I am currently on boards  as Independent Non-executive Director in a major listed corporation and financial institution. In addition, I am the executive coach for one of the “big four” global accounting firms for their Senior Partners. On the serving front, I am the Chairman for Halftime Hong Kong Limited and the Deputy Head of the evangelical department and a member of the core-leadership team for our men-ministry in my Church in Hong Kong.

Prior to this, I was the Deputy Group CEO of the Bank, my direct responsibility covers Global Markets, Investment Management, Life Insurance, Asset Management, Global Cash Management & Custody and capital markets related businesses across corporate and institutional client base. Before moving to Hong Kong, I was the CEO for ABN-AMRO Bank responsible for their business in 6 countries in South-East Asia based out of Singapore.

When I was in Singapore, I was actively involved in the financial sector development task-force in the Singapore Economic Review Committee driving the strategic growth of private banking, asset management and hedge funds initiatives.  In addition, I was the Board Member of the Energy Market Authority, Vice-Chairman of FICS and served on the Board of Civil Service College.

Ronnie and I live in Hong Kong and worship at the Kong Fok Church. Our 4 children are in Canada, the U.K., China and Australia.”

LEE Han Kiat,

Han Kiat spent 32 years at a multi-national company in an enriching career in business & technology development. He leads a cross cultural team of sales, business development and industry solution specialists in providing clients with business transformation to meet their strategic business goals. He held various leadership roles across the Asia Pacific region. While he enjoyed the work tremendously, he was querying what God has in store for him and felt he was not maximizing the gifts from God for His kingdom purpose.

Shortly after going through the Halftime Summit in 2009, he took a year off from corporate life and went on to equip himself as a coach to others coming through their halftime transition. He found his passion lies in helping others find their calling. Today while he continues to work in the market place, he intentionally set aside time in his role as a Halftime coach and Roundtable facilitator. He continues to devote capacity to journey with those whom he has coached with their exploration of best-fitting roles. He derives great joy in seeing how they in turn bless others in God’s kingdom.

Han Kiat and Rachel live in Singapore and have 2 daughters and a son. The family worships at Mount Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church.

“The deepest experience of joy in life comes from being in the center of God’s will”

Mingying Lee,

Mingying was trying on her own to figure out her calling by reading  Gordon T. Smith’s book “Courage and Calling: Embracing Your God-given Potential” when she was invited to attend a Halftime Summit in 2012. She absolutely loved the clarity from having a Personal Mission Statement and other Halftime processes, tools, stories and most important, discover like-minded people to journey with.

She is currently exploring how she can journey with, empower and energize others to live out their John 10:10 calling as a Halftime Coach since January 2014.

Mingying is also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and a Human Capital Practitioner with keen interest in Learning and Development. She is active in her church chairing the Discipleship and Nurture Ministry.

She lives in Singapore with her husband Tim and 3 sons. Her hobbies are music, reading and sports.

I am convicted that living out our calling is about stewarding our lives the way God intended. To embrace our God-given potential and encourage others to do so too. 

South Africa

Mathilda spent 30 years in the IT industry in South Africa, of which 15 were in Senior Management positions and 8 as Managing Director of her own IT companies, one based in Northern Ireland and the other in South Africa. Mathilda’s passion has always been developing leaders and growing business through her positive attitude and servant leadership management style. In 2010, God called her into fulltime marketplace ministry with her prime focus on mentoring executives, linking business to community with the purpose of breaking systemic poverty in South Africa, raising up entrepreneurs and establishing computer literacy training hubs in townships, and finally helping people in their Halftime journey to discover God’s purpose and calling for their second half. Mathilda is a certified Halftime Coach and Forum leader in South Africa.

Mathilda and her husband of 30 years, Wessel, live in Centurion, South Africa and have 5 adult children and two adopted children aged 18 and 3 years old. They are also fortunate to have 5 grand children. They have had the opportunity to provide foster care to children and their house has been open to friends and family while going through a tough time to stay for extended periods.  Mathilda enjoys playing golf, squash, cycling and going for a jog.

I’ve seen many executives live a life of imbalance who come to a point where they just don’t know how to cope and it has always been my dream to walk a road with them to help them find balance again, discover their God given purpose and refocus their energies on what has eternal value.

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South Africa

Tommy O’Kennedy is the first full-time director of Halftime South Africa.  He started his career as a teacher and eventually became principal of Porterville High School and chairman of the Principal’s Association in the West Coast.  For many years he was involved as seminar leader and facilitator for Leadership Development and Management Development programs.  He also helped young entrepreneurs in schools, townships and in the business world with entrepreneurship development and has written two books in this regard.

After Tommy resigned as principal, he started a business as an entrepreneurship and management consultant.  He is a trained consultant for Solutionsfinding and a motivational speaker.  Later he became lecturer in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and part-time lecturer and mentor in a Leadership Development program of the University of Stellenbosch.

After reading the book Halftime for the first time in 1998, Tommy desired to live a life of significance and his journey toward it began. In 2009, Tommy was asked to lead Halftime in South Africa.  He felt he could realize his dream to inspire business and professional leaders to embrace their calling and live a life of significance.

Tommy is married to Helene, a music teacher, and has three children – John (resident at Horizon House, Stellenbosch), Morgan (electronic engineer) and Christine (fashion designer).  Tommy is also the chairman of the board of directors of Horizon House (centre for the care of intellectually disabled adults).  He loves sport and outdoor activities like camping, river rafting, hiking and mountain climbing. He still plays veteran tennis at provincial level and is a qualified professional tennis coach.