The Joy Model Book by Jeff Spadafora

The Joy Model Book by Jeff Spadafora 2016-08-23T13:55:56+00:00

The Halftime Institute helps business people and professionals in mid-life discover and engage in God’s calling for their next season of life.


Our ultimate goal is to help people build lives defined by greater joy, kingdom impact and balance.


Answer the following 5 questions to see if the Halftime Institute is right for you.


[unboldintro]1.  I have had a measure of success in my professional life, but I now have a desire to shift my time, talent and treasure toward the unique role God has planned for me in His kingdom – either in my current work context or elsewhere  YES or NO

2.  I have, or am willing to create, enough margin in my calendar (8 hours per month minimum) to put the time in to intentionally and strategically discover my life purpose YES or NO

3.  I am a Christian — or am open to the teachings of Jesus Christ as a roadmap for discovering my second half calling. YES or NO

4.   I am willing to invest financially in my personal growth and development and am not seeking a self-help solution. YES or NO

5.  I am looking for 1:1 support and counsel, teaching from Christian leaders in multiple industries/disciplines, peer interaction, and local and global connections to discover and engage in my God-given purpose here on this planet. YES or NO.


If you answered “YES” to each of those questions, enrolling at the Halftime Institute might be right for you.

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